9 Reasons You Should Buy Cannabis From a Dispensary Near You

Sep 6, 2021

Who Sells Cannabis Near Me? How To Find The Cannabis Weed Store Near You We’ve come a long way from the days when marijuana was illegal, and the only way you could get it was from a dealer in the black market. This was not only risky but also very unreliable; for one, it opened […]

Where To Buy Marijuana Chocolate Edibles In Scarborough

Aug 10, 2021

3 Reasons Why You Might Buy Weed Edibles A few years ago, the use of cannabis was considered a taboo in most parts of the world. At the time, a lot of misinformation went around concerning the plant. People believed that weed made people crazy, alongside many other myths. Now, just a few years later, […]

Where To Buy The Best Edible Gummies in Scarborough

Aug 6, 2021

3 Types Of Cannabis Edibles You Can Buy In Scarborough For many people, smoking a blunt is the most ideal way of consuming cannabis, and for a good reason. There’s nothing like rolling up and unwinding over some calming, high-quality flower, especially after a long day at work or a grueling workout at the gym. […]

Best Dispensary on Kingston Road in Scarborough

Jun 28, 2021

6 Ways To Choose The Best Weed Dispensary In Scarborough With so many marijuana retailers available, you may find it difficult to pick a dispensary of your choice. We’ve compiled a list of 6 factors to consider when looking for the best pot shop in Scarborough, on Kingston Road. A couple of years ago, when […]

The Best Sesh Spots in South Scarborough

Jun 17, 2021

5 ‘Secret’ Smoke Spots in South Scarborough Smoking weed is a calming and relaxing experience. Whether you enjoy a heavy Indica or a strong Sativa, a lot of care and thought should be put into the set and setting you’re in when smoking. For clarity, set refers to your state of mind before you smoke […]

A Complete Guide To Cooking With Cannabis In 2021

May 28, 2021

How To Make Weed Edibles- A Stok’d Guide To Cooking With Cannabis Cooking with cannabis? Is that a thing? Why would I want to eat weed instead of, say, vape or smoke it? For every marijuana smoker, there’s nothing as refreshing as unwinding over a calming indica after a long, unforgiving day. Whether you’re huddled […]

Looking To Add CBD to Your Regimen? This Guide Will Help

May 25, 2021

3 Benefits Of CBD You Should Know The Federal Cannabis Act came into place on 17th October 2018, making Canada the second country in the world to make the cultivation, acquisition, possession, and consumption of recreational marijuana legal. This has made it possible for cultivators and seed banks to create high CBD strains for people […]

Who’s Stok’d To Buy Edibles Online in Scarborough?!

May 3, 2021

Buy Premium Weed Edibles Online In Scarborough Nothing beats the novelty of settling in and smoking a nicely packed joint, especially if you’ve had a long day at work.  Smoking may be the preferred method of consumption for most marijuana users- it is the most uncomplicated and by far the quickest.  That said, a significant […]

Here Are The 4 Best Indica Strains In Scarborough

Apr 20, 2021

Top 4 Cannabis Indica Strains Of 2021 How and where can you find the best indica strains in Scarborough? Most marijuana lovers separate their strain of choice based on whether they are sativas or indicas. Each of these different classes of marijuana is known to have its own set of unique effects and tastes. (Research […]

Who’s Got a Hankerin’ For Hash? Buy The Best Hash in Scarborough.

Apr 7, 2021

A Guide To 7 Different Types Of Hash On Sale In Scarborough Once regarded as the pinnacle of weed smoking, hash is slowly making its way back into many people’s cannabis menus. It’s no longer reserved only for the most experienced tokers.  There are several cannabis concentrates currently available on the market. But not many […]