NEW Cannabis Products this January 2022 at Stok’d Cannabis

Jan 18, 2022

We are introducing great new cannabis options to our collection. Come by the store for an introduction to Okanagan Moon Rock’s, Bubba Kush Blunts, First Class Funk, Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies. and THC Coffee Pods with one of our friendly and experienced budtenders.

Strain Review: Purple Punch Mints #11

Dec 30, 2021

I’m a huge fan of glass jars, and this is probably one of the heaviest ones I’ve come across so far! Thank you, Joi Botanicals for protecting your beautiful buds. Today I'm reviewing Purple Punch Mints #11

How NOT to Canoe (your joint)

Dec 17, 2021

A simple guide on how NOT to canoe your joint of rolled cannabis. As well as a few other helpful hints for an overall enhanced weed smoking experience. We hope this will give you the courage to confidently roll with pleasure and to share the knowledge found here freely. If ever you’re uncertain, just remember […]

Considering An Individual’s History Of Cannabis Use When Exploring Cannabis Products

Nov 29, 2021

What should I smoke? Howard S. Becker (American sociologist) suggested, in a landmark study of case reports, that individuals must realize and interpret the psychoactive effects of cannabis before they can experience weed’s positive subjective effects in the long run. With experience using cannabis, one becomes more adept at identifying its subjective effects, suggesting that […]

How to Make Weed Butter

Nov 11, 2021

Thanks to Choom we're sharing this sweet infographic on how to make weed butter! Enjoy.

Strain Review: Carly, Budtender @ Stok’d

Nov 11, 2021

Shungite / Fruity Cookies Cannabis Strain This strain of cannabis was grown by Queen of Bud “Having never heard of this LP before, but liking the name, I picked an 1/8th. I received one giant, beautiful bud, and a smaller one to bring it up to weight. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so […]

Book a cleaning at either Stok’d Scarborough locations!

Nov 9, 2021

We’re extremely excited to announce we’ve partnered with Clean Piece Toronto to offer Scarborough an affordable and convenient way to use their cleaning services.

A Quick Guide to Finding the Best Weed Vape Pens in Scarborough

Sep 20, 2021

5 Benefits Of Vaping Over Smoking Vaping has become one of the most popular methods of consuming marijuana in Canada and elsewhere worldwide.  Weed vape pens are considered a safer option than joints, pipes, and bongs, whose smoke is said to contain tar and other potentially harmful substances.  By doing away with the element of […]

9 Reasons You Should Buy Cannabis From a Dispensary Near You

Sep 6, 2021

Who Sells Cannabis Near Me? How To Find The Cannabis Weed Store Near You We’ve come a long way from the days when marijuana was illegal, and the only way you could get it was from a dealer in the black market. This was not only risky but also very unreliable; for one, it opened […]

Where To Buy Cannabis Chocolate Edibles In Scarborough

Aug 10, 2021

3 Reasons Why You Might Buy Weed Edibles A few years ago, the use of cannabis was considered a taboo in most parts of the world. At the time, a lot of misinformation went around concerning the plant. People believed that weed made people crazy, alongside many other myths. Now, just a few years later, […]