Intro to Top 50 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Scarborough, Ontario 

At Stok’d we know we are swimming in highly competitive waters as the best dispensary Scarborough has to offer. We know that our highly curated menu of top-shelf weed combined with our highly knowledgeable staff and shopping experience puts in a place to welcome all challengers. 

However we do have a bone-to-pick with the regulations that allow illegal shops to market and advertise in ways legal stores are forbidden. Simple offers like “free pre-rolls” or major upfront discounts run afoul with Health Canada’s inducement rules. We call on municipal, provincial and federal authorities to stop making us compete with the black market with one hand tied behind our backs. 

That said, we live in the real world and so we are prepared to stack our business against any shop in Scarborough, legal or otherwise. We know that our loyal customers prefer the safety of Health Canada certified testing. In addition we’ve committed to building a brand that operates with integrity and is obsessed with providing the best weed at fair prices! So here we go with our list of the Top 50 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Scarberia. 

Legal Cannabis Retailers 

The promising news is that consumers are moving to legal shops and away from illicit retailers. According to a recent survey by the Government of Canada, 67% of consumers purchased their gear solely from legal outlets. This means that 5-years in legalization consumers prefer to shop at a place like Stok’d than an unlicensed retailer. 

Illicit Cannabis Retailers 

As much as we feel shopping at legal cannabis stores is safer for consumers, we were consumers before legalization. Most consumers who were of age before 2018 got their weed from their “guy/gal” or from an unlicensed website or dispensary. However, now that weed is legal we encourage consumers to shop at a licensed dispensary like Stok’d. When you do you’ll have the confidence knowing that you’re contributing to a taxed and licensed small business and that all the products are lab tested and certified. 

Benefits of Shopping in Legal Shops 

  1. Everything is lab tested, you know the products and devices are cleared by Health Canada for their safe use. 
  2. Your tax dollars will go to funding schools, hospitals, parks and other important community resources. 
  3. You know that you’re supporting a legal, local small business that has your community’s best interest at heart. 

How To Tell If You’re In A Legal Dispensary In Ontario 

  1. The entrance or the homepage of their website: Check for signs of government stamps or signs 
Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Scarborough, Top 50 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Scarborough, Ontario
  1. Opening hours: Ontario law only permits legal dispensaries from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm. If you’re shopping earlier or later than that you are not in a legal cannabis dispensary. 
  2. Hundreds of products (aka SKUs) – In general, legal dispensaries carry more selection whereas illicit stores usually cycle through far less products 
  3. Free pre-rolls: Much to our chagrin we aren’t able to give out free pre-rolls or any other type of cannabis product. If you’re getting weed for free it’s (sadly) not from a legal shop
  4. Legal cannabis must be sold in childproof packaging. no jars with visible bud, and definitely no edibles that look appealing to kids, like skittles etc. 
  5. Do all the products have Health Canada excise stamps? Again, not that we are a fan of this policy for CBD and topicals, all products must have a Health Canada stamp (including provincial information) to be considered legal.
Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Scarborough, Top 50 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Scarborough, Ontario

Top 50 Best Dispensaries in Scarborough 

Whether your location is Wexford – Maryvale, Dorset Park, Bendale, Scarborough Village, Eglinton East, Cliffcrest, Scarborough Junction, Golden Mile, Clairlea – Birchmount, Oakridge, Birch Cliff, Agincourt, Steeles, L’Amoreaux, Tam O’Shanter – Sullivan or, Scarborough, Scarboro (if you prefer brevity), Scarberia, The Scarbs, The Cliffs, Cliffside, Splifside, neighbouring areas like The Beaches, Pickering, Rouge Hill or anywhere else that’s close by here are the top 50 best dispensaries in Scarborough. 

Best Legal Cannabis Dispensaries in Scarborough

Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Scarborough, Top 50 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Scarborough, Ontario

Stok’d Cannabis 

We won’t pretend to be objective here. Obviously we see Stok’d as the best legal dispensary in Scarborough (Niagara Falls too if we’re honest ;). We have a curated menu with fair prices and highly knowledgeable budtenders who guide your experience. From our down home, Canadian cottage weekend vibe to a menu to match anything your life is throwing at you, Stok’d is the number one best legal dispensary. 

Check out the 3 Stok’d locations in Scarborough

Stok’d Clairlea at 631 Pharmacy Avenue, Scarborough ON, M1L 3H3

Stok’d Cliffside (aka Spliffside) at 2408 Kingston Road, Scarborough ON, M1N 1V2

Eglinton East at 2978 Eglinton Avenue East, Scarborough ON, M1J 2E7

One Plant 

Corporate legal cannabis dispensary with about 40 Ontario locations. They have budget friendly options and the Scarborough location has gotten good reviews for customer service. The Scarborough location is 43 Milner Ave, Toronto Ontario M1S 3P6  


National corporate and franchised legal cannabis dispensary with around 40 Ontario locations. Kind of bougie and sends a little “Apple Store” energy, this isn’t our kind of vibe. If it’s yours you can find them at 114-875 Milner Ave, Scarborough Ontario M1B 5N4


Single location legal dispensary at 2776 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough Ontario M1T 3J2, Cannabuds is a cool, well lit, neighbourhood legal dispensary with an old school headshop vibe. We can’t hate, we’d love to see shops like this do well, especially against some of the corporate stores.

Fire & Flower

One of the early birds to corporate cannabis, this giant retailer wasn’t able to thread the needle and was purchased by Fika Cannabis last year. Even though we got a 404 on this location’s website we did see recent positive reviews so they seem to still be open at 4525 Kingston Road H3, Scarborough Ontario M1E 2P1 

Hunny Pot Cannabis

Game recognize game. We have big respect for Hunny Pot, an independent legal cannabis retailer with close to 20 locations GTA-wide. They committed to the honey/bee branding and created a thoughtful visual design for their stores. The Scarborough shop is located in Agincourt Mall, 3850 Sheppard Avenue East, M1T 3L4 

CANNA Cabana

In the race for legal cannabis retail domination, Canna Cabana are definitely the hare to our tortoise. Our grandmother said if you don’t have anything nice to say, then well…you know the rest. However to each their own, if you want to check them out, you can find their Scarborough location at 85 Ellesmere Road Unit 5, M1R 4B9

FIKA Local Cannabis Store

With a motto of “sophisticated, stylish and shameless”, FIKA stores are going after the high-end, possibly first-time consumer. They are going after the “Apple Store” cannabis consumer and we couldn’t be happier to focus on a different segment of Scarberians. Yet as always, you be the one to decide. If you’re looking for a “new kind of cannabis retail” you can find them at 1900 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto ON M1L 4R5 or their Morningside location at 797 Milner Avenue, Scarborough ON F1D 3Y2

Tokyo Smoke Eglinton Town Centre

Just when you thought there weren’t enough corporate cannabis stores, apparently there’s more 😂. Also a quick heads-up that unless you’re burning tobacco you can’t actually smoke in Tokyo. But that’s a conversation for another day. If skinny jeans and Axe body spray is your jam you’ll probably be right at home at their Eglinton Town Centre location: 8 Lebovic Ave Unit B5, Scarborough ON M1L 4V9

Wavy Buds Cannabis

If you’re looking for a no fuss, no muss weed shop you could do worse than Wavy Buds. It’s a cozy shop with the basics covered. They have decent reviews and are responsive to any negative experience. Check them out at 2438 Kingston Road, Scarborough ON M1N 1V3

Value Buds

Owned by publicly traded Nova Cannabis, Value Buds is a corporate chain store that has large footprints in Ontario and Alberta. There’s definitely room for “what you see is what you get” weed stores. If we’re honest we don’t hate the No Name throwback colours either. Will you find the value in these buds? If you’re curious the closest location to Scarberia is on 2575 The Danforth, Unit 15 M4C 1L5 

Kiosk Cannabis Dispensary

With locations in East Toronto and Scarborough, we want to shout out another terrific independent cannabis legal dispensary. The two shops look fresh and thoughtfully laid out. Their website is stacked with great content too. Scarborough location in the Milliken Mall at 4915 Steeles Ave E. Unit 11 M1V 4Z4 

Utopia Cannabis Store

Nifty little shop just across the “border” (lol, iykyk) Utopia is conveniently located right off the Don Valley Parkway making it handy for Scarborough drivers. Next time you’re stuck in traffic hit them up to help you relax once you get home because they have onsite parking. Utopia Cannabis Store can be found at 1252 Lawrence Avenue East, North York ON  M3A 1C3 

Sessions Cannabis (Beaches) 

Another one of the big boys of legal cannabis retail in Ontario, Sessions at least has a pretty website. Definitely worth a drop in if you’re down on the boardwalk or catching the Beaches Jazz Festival in the summer. You can find them at 964 Kingston Rd, Toronto Ontario M4E 1S7

Sensations Cannabis

A family owned cannabis shop next to a cookie factory? Yes, that is what Sensations Cannabis brings to the table. I think we can all agree that this is great retail alignment! Hit ‘em up for fire weed and warm cookies at their East End location: 1391 O’Connor Drive, East York, Ontario

M4B 2V5

Holland Daze Cannabis 

A punny legal cannabis brand will always be in fashion, we’re Stok’d to say. Holland Daze also pays tribute to every stoner traveller’s favourite European destination, Amsterdam baby! You’ll find their Painted Post location at 793 Markham Rd, Scarborough ON M1H 2Y2 and their Eglinton East location at 3226 Eglinton Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1J 2H6

Your Local Cannabis

Another legal shop that’s expanding across Southwestern Ontario, they seem to be focused on the budget consumer. They have two Scarborough locations: 5981 Steeles Avenue East, M1V 5P7 and 1260 Kennedy Rd – Unit 9 Scarborough, ON, M1P2L3

Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique

A licensed cannabis retailer with a few locations in the West End, has a Scarborough shop with (wait for it) a cannabis lounge? We haven’t checked it but we probably will. If you want to they are at 33 Lapsley Road, Scarborough, M1B 1K1

Rockwood Cannabis

A new kid on the block, independently owned and operated. You can find them at 3148 Kingston Rd Unit 3, Scarborough, ON M1M 1P4

Plug Canna6is 

We have to tip our hats to the folks who came up with the name for Plug Canna6is! For those who are new to this weed game, your plug was the name some people gave to your weed “dealer” back in the day. And Canna6is is a cool Toronto reference (they have 3 other locations in the GTA) and a fun way to get past the online gatekeepers! Their Scarberia location is at 3599 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1T 3K8

Cannabis Hut

Cannabis Hut has 4 locations in the East End of Toronto. Fairly straightforward dispensary that seems to focus on consumers on a budget. Scarborough location at 2254 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough, ON M1T 2M2 


We haven’t had a chance to visit ourselves but this feels like a solid legal dispensary if you’re in Scarborough North. Herbiculture is located in the Scarboro Village Mall at 3280 Midland Ave Unit 19 & 20, Toronto, ON M1V 4W9

Good Cookie Cannabis

Another multi-location legal dispensary that seems budget friendly. Lots of half-quarters under $30 etc. 3 locations in The Scarbz, Town Centre and Melvern and the Highland Creek shop is at 371 Old Kingston Road, Scarborough ON, M1C 1B7

Soul Rebel Cannabis Co.

A funky vibe with a focus on the arts? Yes we definitely want to see more legal cannabis shops like this! They have a Scarborough location at 2416B Eglinton Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1K 2P3 and one in The Beaches: 1003 Kingston Rd. Toronto ON M4E 1T3 


Owned by 1CM, inc. a publicly traded company with locations across the country. With a name like that, we’re guessing they aren’t courting the selective cannabis consumer. Scarborough location is at 3443 St Clair Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1L 1W6

Growers Retail 

Growers Retail has shops across the province and country. You can find their Scarborough locations at Thomson Park location in the Hillside Plaza at 821 Brimley Rd, Scarborough, ON M1J 1C9 and at 2002 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1R 2Z1


A legal multi-location cannabis dispensary with stores across Southwestern Ontario (especially the smaller cities and towns) and New Brunswick. Scarborough location is at 5005 Steeles Ave E Unit 106, Scarborough, ON M1V 5K1

Cannabis Place

Aka The Rainbow Palace, has two locations in the GTA. One in Mississauga and one in Scarboro at 653 Victoria Park Ave, Scarborough, ON M4C 5P1

Green Line Cannabis

A family run, independent legal dispensary located at 3300 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1H 1A6

Pufftastic Cannabis Co. 

Run by Scarborough siblings, this “mom and puff” shop has the vibes of a shop run by experienced cannabis professionals! Check them out at 2830 Markham Rd, Scarborough, ON M1X 1E6

Weedjar Eglinton  

With 4 locations across Toronto, this family owned and operated business is worth considering checking out. Scarborough location at 

Eglinton & Danforth Rd, 2807 Eglinton Ave E. 

North 80 Cannabis Merchants

A craft cannabis dispensary in North Scarborough located at Milliken Plaza

19 Milliken Boulevard Scarborough, ON

Moksha Cannabis 

Newly opened location for this multi-store legal cannabis dispensary. Find them at 2852 Ellesmere Rd, Scarborough, ON M1E 4B8

Flowers Cannabis

A self-described “community pot shop” located at Kennedy & Ellesmere Plaza at 880 Ellesmere Rd Unit 104, Scarborough, ON M1P 2W6

Canna Vibes

A local Scarborough, single location dispensary. They even serve free coffee! Not too shabby eh? Located at 1195 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough, ON M1P 2C1

Ciao Canna

Ciao Canna Ciao Ciao Ciao is a song that we might sing if we worked at this legal dispensary. Thankfully to everyone we don’t 😂. If you’d like to check them out, they are in the Birchmount Lawrence Plaza at 2155 Lawrence Ave E Unit 4, Scarborough, ON M1R 5G9 

Modern Day Cannabis

A multi-store operator with locations throughout the GTA with “coming soon” notices for stores in multiple US states. Their Scarborough location is 3132 Eglinton Ave E Unit #B1, Scarborough, ON M1J 2H1

7th Heaven Cannabis

It’s a little unclear on their website who owns this business but it looks as though there are some affiliated stores in New York City. They do have solid reviews for their Scarborough location so they made the list. Check them out at 114 Markham Rd, Scarborough, ON M1M 2Z7

Unlicenced Cannabis Retailers in Scarborough 

In the words of Shakespeare, “we didn’t come to praise them but to bury them” (in the marketplace 😉). While we are definitely pro-legal cannabis—and have paid the cost for being fully licensed—we don’t see the black market as our enemy. Rather we see these illegal shops as a natural outgrowth of 100 years of prohibition + 5 years of over-regulation.

Do we wish illegal shops didn’t open up right next door? Absolutely! Are we in favour of relaxing certain regulations that would allow us to mop up the floor with illicit stores? Also yes. In the meantime we won’t pretend these illegal dispensaries don’t exist nor will we promote them. 

Kingston Chronic Dispensary

3089 Kingston Rd, Scarborough ON, M1M 1P1

The Medicine Wheel 

2402 Kingston Rd, Scarborough ON, M1N 1V2 

Lawrence Smoke Shop

1835 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1R 2Y3

6IX Dispensary

245 Fairview Mall dr North York Ontario M2J 4T1

The Top 50 Best Dispensaries in Scarborough 

Well damn! That was a list wasn’t it? If you’ve made it all the way through and curious about our favourite local, legal cannabis dispensary we will sing our own praises for just a minute. Stok’d Cannabis grew out of life in Scarborough, Niagara Falls and all points in between and around Southwestern Ontario. We love great weed, our staff is hella knowledgeable and our stores are decked out in campsite vibes. 

If you’re ever in need of the best cannabis product, accessories and Stok’d merchandise drop by Stok’d Cliffside, Stok’d Eglinton East, Stok’d Clairelea or Stok’d Niagara. Did we mention we usually deliver in about an hour? Check out the best Scarborough Dispensary Delivery, also available at Niagara Falls Dispensary Delivery.