Supreme Grapes, Supreme Grapes: Toronto Dispensary Strain Review

In a previous strain review, we looked at Platinum Grapes. Now Carly shares her thoughts on Supreme Grapes from Natural History. Although, our cannabis store menu carries a wide variety of strains of cannabis flower. We carry pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates and many other forms of quality cannabis too. 

Supreme Grapes is an Indica dominant cultivar with high THC. It has a sweet, fruity fresh concord grape flavour with sour gas undertones. The large bulbous calyxes are covered in dense trichomes and include a mix of green and purple tones.

Being a seasonal strain, Supreme Grapes from Natural History is cultivated indoors in precision-controlled environmental conditions. Further, it is hung to dry, hand trimmed, and cured for 21-30 days. They say it will be available for a limited time only, so be sure to get it while you can!

Supreme Grapes, Supreme Grapes: Toronto Dispensary Strain Review

Supreme Grapes Strain Review by Carly

Being a huge @naturalhistoryofficial fan, I had to try this limited-time offering from them.

The smell is intoxicating… it’s like sitting down for breakfast as a kid and picking out all the purple fruit loops from the box and eating only those ones.

Fairly smooth and very creamy, with the (artificial) grape flavour really coming through especially at first. Unfortunately, I found that by the end of my 1g joint the flavour turned quite acidic and was unpleasant.

It hit me quite hard for 20.5%, and the total body relaxation lasted for some time.

A nice calming choice for the evening.

THC: 20.5%


Supreme Grapes, Supreme Grapes: Toronto Dispensary Strain Review

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