No surprise here: we love weed drinks. They’re a discreet – and dare we say, sophisticated – way to enjoy your greens. When everyone else is drinking socially, having a bottle that kind of looks like beer or a drink in a martini glass avoids people constantly trying to get you to chug a can of watery American beer. Not to mention: weed drinks in Ontario come in a ton of flavours. Admittedly, they’re great as is, though many benefit from being served chilled or on ice, and can be used as mixers for cannabis infused mocktails.

Why Weed Drinks?

THC infused drinks and CBD infused drinks that you’ll find at Stok’d locations guarantee controlled dosing. Each individual beverage will contain a maximum of 10 mg of THC. Although there’s no legally allowed maximum amount of CBD within a single product, CBD beverages in Ontario clock in under 25 mg of CBD each. 

weed drinks, Weed Drinks for 2024: Our Top Picks

A smokeless option

Give your lungs a break! What’s the point of walking the trails at Rouge National Urban Park to breathe the fresh air just to fill them up with smoke? Instead, next time you plan to indulge in some forest bathing (no seriously: it’s a Japanese concept) and quench your post-hike thirst with a couple of balanced bevies. 

weed drinks, Weed Drinks for 2024: Our Top Picks

Do THC drinks hit faster?

Since many drinks use various technologies to ensure quick onset of effects, they’re enjoyed by experienced and new consumers alike, which explains weed infused beverages’ ever growing popularity.

You’ve probably also noticed that a lot of thc drinks in Ontario have a little bit of THC or CBD, even if they skew one way or another. That’s because science is dope. Cannabinoids work best when there’s a little bit of everything – it’s called the entourage effect.

How long do weed drinks last?

Since cannabis beverages hit faster, you’ve probably figured that they don’t last quite as long. In fact, when we consider typical nanoemulsion thc-infused drinks in Ontario vs edibles, weed drinks tend to last about half as long. It’s important to note that your personal experience may vary, and it’s best to give yourself an extra hour or two as a buffer before re-loading. However if you do “green out”, ie over consume, CBD drops (or drinks) + water + rest should bring you gently down to Earth.  

Tips to choose the best Weed Drink in Canada

Dosage and Formulation 

First, determine your tolerance level and desired potency of THC. If you’re new to cannabis or have a low tolerance, start with beverages containing high levels of CBD, either without THC or with a low concentration (e.g., 2.5mg per serving). Experienced users may prefer beverages with higher THC content. That being said, it’s a good idea to have a balanced approach in consuming cannabis, and a broad mix of cannabinoids will have a better entourage effect.

Type of drink and Flavour 

Sodas, hot (or iced) tea and infused water: the options for weed drinks in Canada are as diverse as the country itself. To make sure your experience will be enjoyable, pick a flavour profile you already enjoy. 

Top tip: Pair your drink with a fatty snack, like full fat ice cream, chips or nuts! It helps the cannabinoids bind to your system and stick around longer. It’s also a good idea not to drink on an empty tummy.

Onset time 

Most products are created with the concept that consumers will drink one or two beverages. Looking to launch quickly? Choose beverages formulated with nano-emulsified cannabinoids, while those made with cannabis concentrate take a little longer to kick in. Word to the wise: nano emulsification derived drinks might be a bit more bitter – serve them chilled!

Keeping it Legal: 4 Things to remember

Age restrictions

The most obvious one, but it’s worth reminding everyone. Just like with other forms of cannabis, consumers must be at least 19 years old to purchase and consume cannabis-infused drinks in Ontario.

Purchasing locations

Cannabis beverages in Ontario can be purchased from authorized retailers – search “thc drinks near me” to find a cold one waiting for you at your local Stok’d.

Packaging and labeling 

All weed drinks in Canada must be sold in child-resistant packaging. They must include clear labeling featuring the THC logo, and indicating the THC content, ingredients and expiration date. Packaging must also adhere to regulations regarding advertising and branding restrictions.

It’s why you’ll find drinks that look like this in store:

weed drinks, Weed Drinks for 2024: Our Top Picks

And like this online:

weed drinks, Weed Drinks for 2024: Our Top Picks

Top 10 Weed Drinks in Ontario for 2024

Everybody’s got a story: Cherry Cola 10 by Sweet Justice

weed drinks, Weed Drinks for 2024: Our Top Picks

THC: 10mg

CBD: 0mg

“Cherry Cola 10 is a throwback to another long-time favourite…the clean, classic taste of Cola balanced with a twist of natural, juicy cherry flavour! Nano-infused for fast onset with a 10mg dose of THC per serving, Cherry Cola 10 is designed for those who are more familiar with cannabis. Imagine drinking a cold, refreshing OG Cola under a cherry tree with ripe, juicy Bing cherries droppin’ and exploding into your glass. Keepin’ it real with REAL sugar, natural ingredients and only 100 calories – keep sipping to your sweet spot! The Sweet Justice Classics collection of cannabis-infused beverages is inspired by old school craft sodas and mixology recipes which are flavour-forward and familiar – but with a twist.”

To answer a question Amanda Marshall first asked in 2001, “Now, now who drinks a cherry coke?” People who enjoy a crisp cool taste with a touch of nostalgia and an ear worm that’s hard to get rid of, that’s who. This soda, with its relatively small bubbles, pairs well with chocolate cakes or almond cookies.

Adults only birthday cake recipe 🫠: Mix one box of cake mix with 355 ml (12 ounces) of canna soda; follow baking instructions on box

Top Citrus notes: Orange Sativa Craft Soda by Zèle

weed drinks, Weed Drinks for 2024: Our Top Picks

THC: 10mg

CBD: 0mg

“Take a succulent soul ride with Orange full-spectrum sativa craft soda, brewed with natural, vegan ingredients and 10mg of fast-acting, favourless THC. A refreshing blend of tangy and bright, experience this futuristic orange delight.”

Bright and bubbly, Zèle’s Orange Sativa begs for a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make a creamsicle float. Perfect when we want to remember what summer feels like.

Hydro homies: Blueberry Pomegranate Cannabis Infused Sparkling Water by Proper Cannabis Co.

weed drinks, Weed Drinks for 2024: Our Top Picks

Infused Sparkling Water

THC: 10mg

CBD: 0mg

“Proper Blueberry Pomegranate is a sparkling cannabis beverage made with natural flavours and deoxygenated Ontario spring water. With 10 mg of THC, one calorie and no sugar, Proper Blueberry Pomegranate is an incredible beverage that delivers flavour. All our beverages are proudly crafted in Canada with an attention to flavour and quality, because that’s Proper. This isn’t corporate cannabis; it’s made with care.”

At 10mg of THC per can, this is not a drink for the inexperienced. You should know that the infused sparkling water comes in two tasty options. Not to say that we pick favourites, but we’re team Blueberry Pom rather than Lemon Lime. At one calorie per can, you don’t have to pick. Try them both out and let us know what’s your pick when you visit your nearest Stok’d.

“Water” other alternatives? Passion Fruit Guava CBD by Ace Valley

weed drinks, Weed Drinks for 2024: Our Top Picks

Infused Sparkling Water

THC: 0mg

CBD: 25mg

“Ace Valley Passion Fruit Guava is a CBD-infused sparkling water. Enjoy these delicious passion fruit and juicy guava flavoured bubbles tickling your tongue. With 25 mg of CBD, natural flavours and no sugar added.”

If you’re looking for exotic ingredients and prefer CBD beverages in Canada to THC-infused can drinks, then look no further than Ace Valley. Guavas themselves have an aroma of lemon, pineapple and papaya, with a flavour that’s more tart than sweet, reminiscent of strawberries and pears. Paired with the sourness of passion fruit, it’s great served alongside a lemon meringue or a few figs. Cheese, or honey-roasted nuts on the side are optional but highly recommended. 

Eye spy: Have you noticed that “XMG” stands for “10 mg” as in, 10mg of THC per THC infused beverage?

Like a flash of lights: Neon Rush by Versus

weed drinks, Weed Drinks for 2024: Our Top Picks

Sweet, bright yellow/green soda 

THC: 8.50 – 10.00 / can
CBD: 0.00 – 1.00 mg

“Neon Rush is an electrifying carbonated soda with big, bold citrus flavours. Made with SōRSE® emulsion technology, this bubbly sweet beverage delivers a predictable and consistent 10 mg of THC and 30 mg of caffeine, with almost no cannabis aftertaste.”

Did you know: until 2012, citrus-based sodas in Canada couldn’t have caffeine in them? It’s why Mountain Dew tastes different down south, unless you picked up a can of “citrus charge”. Funny rules weren’t just for cannabis! Nowadays, you can grab a THC infused drink with a citrus punch and a hint of caffeine that’s not made by the same soda crafter, but the inspiration is fairly obvious after your first sip. Pairs well with Pizza, Mexican food and spicy chicken wings – skip the honey sauce, though, and go for a more savoury option.

Sail the high teas: Lemon Iced Tea High by Hover

weed drinks, Weed Drinks for 2024: Our Top Picks

Iced Tea
THC: 10mg

CBD: 10mg

“Enjoy the refreshing taste of Iced Tea with a hint of lemon. Hover Lemon Iced Tea is both lightly carbonated & lightly sweetened and made with all natural flavours. Hover’s High option comes with 10MG of THC and 10MG of CBD for a full-body, balanced experience.”

A balanced weed drink is a great way to indulge during the weekend. Perfect for a picnic or for BBQs with friends, add a slice of lemon for an extra touch of lemony goodness, or as a decorative twirl to a drink in a tall glass. If anyone asks, let them know it’s a High Island Iced Tea.

Harry Style’s Favourite: Watermelon by Dulces

weed drinks, Weed Drinks for 2024: Our Top Picks

Sweet Soda

THC: 10mg

CBD: 10mg

“DULCES Watermelon Soda is a nostalgic spin on a sweet sliced watermelon candy.”

FYI: ducles means sweets in Spanish, another word for sweets in sugar, so we can say that it’s a Watermelon Sugar soda 😉 The product’s official description is short and sweet. But you know, when something’s perfect? We love that for you. Especially when it’s true to its name. So before you indulge in a well chilled can, swing by a bulk candy section, grab a few watermelon candies for nostalgia’s sake and watch a few episodes of comfort TV. This is a very sweet treat. 

Don’t You Steal My Sunshine: Original California Lemonade by Cookies

weed drinks, Weed Drinks for 2024: Our Top Picks


THC: 10mg
CBD: 0mg

“Cookies California Original Lemonade was inspired by Berner’s desire to create a delicious and thirst quenching THC infused line of iced teas and lemonades. This line of beverages is a collaboration with drinks maker Green Monké, creating a delicious drink for non-smoking events or to complement your favourite Cookies flower. Cookies California Original Lemonade has 10 mg of nano-emulsified THC with natural flavours for a can of Golden State vibes.”

When looking for drinks, you’re not monkeying around when you pick something crafted by Green Monké – and this collab is a great example. It’s everything you want in a lemonade. But if you want to dress it up, add a few basil or mint leaves and extra lemon slices as a garnish. Just make sure to bring your own Len, don’t steal my sunshine!

Strong Enough For Him But Made For Her: MM 001 La Calma Lemongrass Ginger CBD Oil by MADGE AND MERCER Modern Apothecary

weed drinks, Weed Drinks for 2024: Our Top Picks


THC: 1.8mg/mL – 2.2mg/mL
CBD: 47mg/mL – 52mg/mL

“MADGE AND MERCER Modern Apothecary products are designed to seamlessly integrate into a woman’s wellness regime and self-care toolkit. MM __ 001 LA CALMA is a chef-formulated and research-backed custom-formulated CBD dominant oil. The advanced extraction process distills and separates the CBD and THC allowing for an optimal reintroduction of a precise ratio of terpinolene, alpha pinene, limonene and linalool terpenes. Infused into a 100% coconut MCT oil, the aromatic lemongrass and ginger extracts offer a palatable complement. The result is a thoughtfully curated blend that offers an exact and flavourful sensation each time. Available in a premium glass vessel allowing for safe dosage, MM __ 001 LA CALMA can be ingested on its own or added to your favourite food or beverage. MADGE AND MERCER. Form and function. Provisions for living well.”

Drops are at the top of the “discreet” list. Rather than a whole can, just a few drops mixed in with a non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated beverage of choice will get your dosing right down to the milliliter. It’s peak consumption with intention. These mixers are especially created to be high in CBD: consider sipping on a Lemongrass Ginger Canna-tail after an afternoon run or an evening yoga class.

Recipe: Lemongrass Ginger Canna-tail

Serves 2

  • 125 ml simple syrup, still hot
  • 2 lemongrass, chopped
  • 4-6 fresh mint leaves
  • ½ teaspoon ground ginger
  • Ice
  • 2 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 125 ml ginger ale
  • Lemongrass stalk, lemon slices or mint leaves (option, for garnish)

Place the hot syrup, chopped lemongrass, mint and ginger in a bowl and use a muddle (or the handle of a serving spoon) to mash all the ingredients together. This will enhance the flavour of the syrup as it infuses. Allow to cool down to room temperature, 10 minutes or longer – you can actually do this step before your workout so that when you get home, all you have to do is pour.

Put ice in a tall glass, add ginger ale, lemon juice and a few drops of the CBD oil. Using a strainer to catch the bits, pour the syrup into a glass. Sit, sip and be still. You deserve a few moments of quiet.

Mixer’s top tip: Garnish with a hollow lemongrass stalk that you can attempt to use as a straw; add a few lemon slices for garnish or top with mint leaves: it all depends on your favourite flavour profile.

Pucker Up: Citrus Peaks THC + CBG + Guarana by XMG

Totally not an energy drink
THC: 10mg

CBD: 0mg

CBG: 10mg

“A surge of lemon, lime and orange flavour with 10 mg of THC, 10 mg of CBG and guarana extract. Serve straight up, right out of the can.”

So while cannabis can’t be mixed with too much caffeine, Guarana isn’t a problem! Touted for its fatigue-reducing effects (among other attributes), guarana is often used in energy drinks that have a citrus-y flavour. Combined with CBG – a super volatile cannabinoid with a low combustion point, often associated with wakefulness and clear mindedness – and the “perk up and pucker up” nature of citrus, this is one of the XMG beverages to reach out for when you’re pulling an all-nighter, or want to get a little kick in your step.

Honorable mention: THC Lime Drops by MOD 

weed drinks, Weed Drinks for 2024: Our Top Picks

“Soluble liquid THC with a burst of natural lime flavour made without sugar. A portable squeeze bottle where 1 drop = 1 mg of THC so you can customize your cannabis experience your own way.”

As you saw with the CBD oil, we adore the flexibility and personalization that comes with droppers for mixers. Wondering about how to use THC drops? Love the idea of the sodas but they feel a bit too sweet? Grab a few movers and (cocktail) shakers: here’s our recipe for the MOD THC Lime drops for you to try out at home. 

Lime Cannaquiri

  • 20 ml lime juice
  • 10 ml simple syrup (equal parts water boiling and sugar, combined until no sugar granules remain)
  • THC drops to desired dosage
  • Ice
  • 50 ml soda water

Place lime juice, simple syrup, cannabis drops and ice in a shaker. Mix vigorously for 30 seconds, or until fully chilled. Strain it in a coupe glass and add a twist of lime if you have the skills for it. Otherwise, you can just zest a lime into your drink.

Mixer’s Notes: Too tart? Add more syrup. Too sweet? Add more lime juice! Make the drink truly yours.

Thirsting for more knowledge?

Eager to know more about weed drinks in Canada? Come by any Stok’d location to check out the thc and cbd infused beverages in our fridge. With sodas, infused water, iced teas in convenient, discreet and smoke-free formats, we’re sure you’ll find your next flavour experience. 

We offer $5 off when you buy 6 drinks and $12 off when you buy 12. Check out our cannabis menu online now to shop for dispensary delivery, or visit us in-store!