As the years roll by, it should be noted that sativas and indicas are outdated ways of describing cannabis. Before you head down to the weed store, it is helpful to understand the pros and cons of sativa and indica buds, but more especially how to use our Chill to Thrill scale.

At Stok’d we’ve adopted the Chill to Thrill approach to categorizing the effects cannabis can have, and we think it’s important to look at cannabis differently. That’s why we’ve compiled a series of blogs on how to distinguish and understand the effects, and not just by recognizing the names Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica.

Sativa and Indica, Chill to Thrill: We Sell Sativa and Indica Differently

In this overview, we’ll dig up some critical research to help you to understand the difference between sativa and indica strains. Further, to determine how to hone in on the right weed shop products when standing at the counter. The Chill to Thrill wall is a perfect start to your visit to our cannabis store.

There is a lot of information available, and this is not a deep dive, but we feel you’ll learn the essential differences between indica and sativa, as well as the effects of these defining effects and popular Chill to Thrill products. Moreover, you’ll discover why we’ve chosen to employ the Chill to Thrill approach at our weed store.

How To Use “Chill to Thrill” When Buying Your Weed

Generally speaking, sativa strains are typically going to awaken your creative side, while a relaxing indica might deliver a sleepy result. We do it differently at Stok’d. Looking at the typical effects of a predominantly linalool terpene strain as being a sleeper, but to some, it gives a glow they enjoy while shopping for groceries. Whereas humulene and limonene have been considered more energizing. In any sense, Chill products will let you relax, while Thrill weed will typically keep you on your feet and ready to go. Check out the infographic below for more on terpenes and the Entourage Effect.

Decades of cross-breeding, as you likely already know, have produced a wide variety of strains with varying effects. Also, you’re probably aware there are hybrid strains too, which have been created by simply crossing popular indica-dominant and sativa-dominant strains in the greenhouse to produce a satisfying result. 

The “Chill to Thrill” Wall at a Stok’d Cannabis Store

Our chill to thrill wall highlights the feelings we get from the products we carry in a way that moves us away from the archaic classifications of “sativa” and “indica”.

Sativa and Indica, Chill to Thrill: We Sell Sativa and Indica Differently

Throughout the “trial and error” of cross-breeding cannabis strains (many of which evolved underground to evade authorities). We find strains that have either pure indica or pure sativa lines are truly rare. The Chill to Thrill model stands for exactly how it seems. Since we are able to break down components of the active ingredients in the cannabis we’re about to consume, we can accurately predict the varied effects by the same way. 

It is a fact that we can associate those compounds to the certain effects which we can measure. Our individual approach to observing how we react to certain measurable ratios – we can begin to predict how a strain will likely affect us based on our understanding of how we reacted in previous sessions to similar products. However, ratios of these cannabinoids and terpenes will ultimately vary and change the outcome case-by-case, or crop-to-crop.

Why We Use Chill to Thrill at Stok’d Cannabis

Given a long history of cannabis use, growers and nature have created unique strains of cannabis. The choice is quite a personal matter, based on the overall effect, balancing the levels of THC and CBD in each, for individual purposes.

At some point, indica and sativa were simply words used to describe two different types of cannabis. Almost all cannabis plants, whether hemp or marijuana, available today are hybrids, and therefore neither purely sativa nor indica.

Are You Looking To Chill? Or, for a Thrill?

If we were to go back in time a few hundred years, we’d find the terms “sativa” and “indica” were descriptions of cannabis that were being introduced into Western Europe. So, although originally used to market two different types of cannabis, nowadays they are names used as a starting point. Enabling us to effectively organize the thousands of varieties available today.

Our Chill to Thrill approach at Stok’d comes from our experience that sativas don’t always mean “more energy” and indicas aren’t always the couch-lock you might be looking for. All of our cannabis stores use the Chill to Thrill system based on our understanding of cannabis’ active ingredients and personal experience.

The Chill Effects

  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy
  • Euphoric

The Thrill Effects

  • Uplifting
  • Energetic
  • Creative

What’s Wrong With Using The Terms Sativa and Indica?

It’s not entirely correct to describe cannabis strains as just two distinct cannabis groups. As their differences are only reflected in their chemical and genetic composition. There are far more varieties of indica than sativa, and many scientists believe generalising about the psychoactive and other effects of different strains is inappropriate. 

Consumers try to predict the effects of a particular cannabis product based on its sativa or indica name. However, the effects of a strain do not always match its physical properties. That’s why the Chill to Thrill approach is a much more effective way to define the effects that a certain mix of genetics. In weed journals, we can observe and record the THC/CBD ratio, terpenes, and overall user experience. 

Common Terpenes and The Entourage Effect

Frankly, the strain of cannabis may not be the best indicator of the effects you will experience. After all, each experience is unique to the individual. As research continues, we definitely are learning more about the cannabis plant, and the numerous and diverse compounds in each variety. The cannabinoids and terpenes it contains will determine the effect you feel, not the indica or sativa label.

Sativa and Indica, Chill to Thrill: We Sell Sativa and Indica Differently

Certainly, cannabis sativa and cannabis indica plants differ in appearance and growth, but this knowledge is really only useful for growers. 

How Does Hemp Relate to Sativa and Indica?

The term hemp refers to the soft, strong fibres of the stem of the hemp plant. Typically having low to no active cannabinoids. Today, hemp is grown for its fibre because of its long stems, which can reach heights of over 12 feet. Indica plants are normally considered a short plant with wood-like (non-fibrous) stems.

The History of Sativa and Indica

Grown in many climates throughout the world., indica plants typically grow faster and produce more buds than sativa plants. If you were to walk among the weeds, you’d notice narrow leaves identify cannabis strains that are sativa. While indica refers to a usually shorter, broad-leafed plant.

In brief, scientists conducted taxonomic studies of cannabis in the 1970s and concluded that there were consistent morphological differences supporting the identification of at least three species: sativa, indica, and Lamarck. 

Through his observations, Lamarck decided that indica cannabis plants had shorter, stronger stems with thick, short leaves that grew in an alternating pattern. While sativa-type plants were taller with leaves as thin as feathers. He described indica as a lower quality fibre than sativa, but more useful as an intoxicant. Even though the genetics of cannabis strains remain the same, the environment in which they are grown affects their taste and exposure profiles.

The Cannabis Dispensary Near Me Doing it Differently, Chill to Thrill

Knowing whether a cannabis plant is indica or sativa, doesn’t provide a lot of information about the relative amounts of THC or CBD it may contain. Therefore Chill to Thrill can be helpful, based on your general preferences. With the rise and popularity of professionally grown weed, proper labeling is most beneficial. That’s how we determine the exact properties of the products we are about to consume.

In conclusion, the indica and sativa strains do not have any structural differences distinguishing two “types”. Thus we stand behind our approach of looking at weed differently, Chill to Thrill. Visit us in-store or order weed online here. Visit our weed store in Niagara Falls, or any of our cannabis dispensaries in Scarborough. The Stok’d weed store near me is always going to have what I need to chill, or enhance the thrill.