You Hashed We Listened 

We got so much great feedback about our last Hash deep dive we realized that there’s a lot more left to hash out! In The Top Hash Varieties: A 2024 Guide we want to share with you our experiences on the best hash in Canada’s legal cannabis market has to offer. 

Re-hash of Hash 101 Article 

As you know from our last article on the sticky black (brown and blond) stuff we are huge (UUUGE) hash fans at Stok’d. Our first and flagship Scarborough location, Stok’d Clairlea is well known for its vast selection of hashish. That said, our locations Cliffside/Spliffside, Eglinton East and Niagara Falls are stocked with great hash too. 

What is hash? 

Hash is oleoresin made by compressing and processing cannabis buds or any other part of the plant material where trichomes appear. It’s more potent than flower, however it can deliver a more mellow high than other extracts. The best hash goes back thousands of years to ancient India where cannabis first appears in the Hindu Kush mountains (mmmm Kush mountains 🤤). 

Types of hash? 

Hash can come in different colours and extraction formats. Historically, different parts of Asia and Africa were/are home to various hues from golden brown (or “blond”) in the Middle East to brown in Morocco to dark brown or black in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern India.

Ways to consume hash? 

Joints, bongs, pipes, vaping devices, poke a few holes in a pop can (10/10 do not recommend unless that’s all you have) or a 2L coke bottle and some hot knives, etc. 

If you missed “A People’s History of Hash” it or if you want to re-hash  the parts where we get into the types of hash, click here  

Top Hash Varieties in Canada’s Legal Cannabis Market 

As you may already know, especially if you read our Hash 101 Article, hash comes in different forms. We’ve done our best to round up the best of all varieties in the Canadian legal market. 


Our great friends over at HashCo do one thing and one thing only: create the finest hash and kief available to Ontarians! If you want to learn more about these OGs, check our recent interview with Amy “Anonymous” Brown. Here are the 3 products of HashCo we can’t recommend enough:

Gold Seal Hash

2g of classic Gold Seal Hash 

Single Source Kief 

1g Single Source Kief 

Origins Hash Pack 

1g of Gold Seal Hash, 1g of Blonde Hash 

BIG Black Hash

If you’re looking for some killer, solventless extracts, BIG is a great place to start. From the same team that brings Muskoka Grown flower, comes BIG’s Black Hash. This Afghan black hash will bring back the kind of old school memories hash aficionados will adore. Comes in 3g packs. 

Nugz Old School Hash

Quebec hash masters Nugz have hit the hashpot with Old School Hash. Create those little hash snakes, sprinkle into your joint or vape and get lit af with Nugz Old School Hash. Comes in 2g balls of gassy, hashy goodness! 

Nugz Slaps Flash Frozen Hash Rosin

Nugz Flash Frozen Hash Rosin definitely slaps! Or as Nugz would put it: 

“Nugz Slapz Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin (FFHR) is made from beautiful, frosty, trich-covered Slapz flower, frozen immediately at harvest to preserve the flowers natural terpene profile, flavours and aromas. Slapz FFHR is then made by sieving the frozen premium grade Slapz flower through 159µm to 73µm wash bags in ice water to produce a bubble hash that is then gently heated and pressed into a honey-like rosin. Lookin’ for the hash rosin that slaps back? Nugz Slapz! Best stored in the fridge and brought to room temperature 10 minutes before use.”

Double J’s Sungrown Traditional Hash

Produced by Bloom House Cannabis, this dry sieve hash product is made from cannabis grown in living soil. Available in Ontario in 2g packs. 

To learn more about types of hash click here

Tremblant Cannabis Afghan Black Hash

Sometimes in the jazz musical jamboree that is the cannabis industry, you have to let your bandmate’s cook! So we’ll just leave it to the hash-obsessed folks at Tremblant to tell you about their Afghan Black Hash:

“Inspired by the timeless tradition of Afghan Black Hash, we process quality inputs using artisanal techniques to produce a truly refined expression of this iconic hash recipe. Our premium kief is extracted through a traditional dry sift method, and then slowly roasted for over 17 hours to achieve the maximum potency and flavour. Soft and malleable, while intensely spicy, pungent, and aromatic, our Afghan Black Hash is then pressed to perfection and hand-packed into a premium glass jar for a truly elevated experience.”

MTL Cannabis West Coast Kush Hash 

And sometimes you have to go with the people to let you know what’s what. Here’s an exchange from Reddit that breaks down MTL Cannabis West Coast Kush Hash better than we ever could:

MeltedGlands: This looks like it’s just classic brick hash. I’ve seen lots of stuff like this for years way before legalization or rosin ever became a thing. They just use a bit of heat to melt some glands and pressure to press the trichome heads together. That’s why it looks the way it does and it has some activated ∆9THC.

Since part of the process is using heat and pressure to burst the trichome heads to get the brick to stick together and the rosin process is literally the same concept but with a filter to separate the oils that come out from the burst heads i guess you could say it’s rosin mixed with kief in a sense since the heads did burst and some oil did come out of it and it is now mixed with kief since it wasn’t separated out. You could also say the same thing about a blowout while pressing bubble hash into rosin though. For one it’s an achievement, but for the other it’s a failure.

So although in some ways they are similar, this isn’t exactly rosin mixed with kief. If it was, it would look different and it would have most likely been shaped into a ball and sold as some sort of rosin infused “temple ball” instead of just hash. This is just some good old fashioned brick hash as far as I can tell. “the texture is that of a snickers bar” 

Parking-Potential-19: That’s good. That means it was made with a decently clean pile of quality trichomes. Hash gets harder based on how much plant material is there so lack of it naturally leads to a softer hash. Sounds like you got some good stuff. 

Rosin Heads Hash Rosin Chocolate Edibles

Did you know you can eat hash too? Well you can, thanks to Rosin Heads! Their motto is “In Hash We Trust” and we stand in stoner salute to that! 🫡 

“To put it simply, Hash Rosin is the finest type of cannabis extract that exists. We would leave it at that, but there is much more to the story. Every Rosin Heads drop is a collaborative artwork. It is the culmination of the artistic expression of the grower, the hash maker and the chocolatier. Hash Rosin is produced by harvesting cannabis plants at peak resin maturity, separating the resin from the plant material, then applying heat and pressure through filtration to extract the active compounds…Each Piece of Rosin Heads chocolate is infused with 10mg of Strain Specific Orange Tingz Hash Rosin (73-159 Micron), because let’s face it Hash Rosin makes everything better.” 

It does Hash Rosin, it really does 🤤

Dank Craft “King Koko’s” Bubble Hash Infused Pre-Rolls

Ok Dank Craft, you get on with your bad self! Sometimes you want the hash preparation done for you, especially if you’re out with friends, puffing on one of King Koko’s Bubble Hash Infused Pre-Rolls

“Our “KING KOKO’S” Bubble Hash Infused Pre-Rolls are cold-milled in a German-made precision miller and then mixed by hand with some beautiful, solventless King Louis OG Bubble Hash.  The result is one of the strongest joints in the market, using only natural ingredients, and rolled to ensure an even burn. We pack our joints using an inner carton to ensure no broken or bent joints.”

“Hat-trick” Bubble Hash Infused Pre-Roll

Joint Craft and Triple Eh!™ bring an exciting hash product to the market and deserve a mention in our Top Hash Varieties Guide 2024. They use a solventless process to produce their hash and coming from the North Okanagan in BC, you know the flower they use is fire. 

Questions from the Internet, net, net, net 

Before we conclude Top Hash Varieties Guide 2024 let’s see if we can answer some of the key questions that are asked about buying hash online in Canada. Warning: curious Internet behaviour incoming 

Order hash online?

If you want to order hash online then check out Stok’d 1-hour delivery service in Scarborough or Niagara Falls.

Order hash online Canada?

Same answer as above, Internet. 

Mail order hash Canada?

Back in the day, like before legalization, a few websites offered the ability to order weed online. Then through the power of our national postal service, a package of cannabis would (most of the time) arrive in your mailbox in a few days. These days you can buy hash online from any number of websites including

Best hash online Canada?

It’s not arrogant if it’s true so we’ll go ahead and say 

Best hash online?

We wrote an entire article called Where To Buy Hash, in which we also get into the various types of hash and such. 

Hash online Canada?

Now Internet it seems like you’re just asking the same question in different ways. Oh well, yes you can find hash online in Canada at 

Buy Nepalese hash online?

We haven’t seen any Nepalese hash on the Ontario legal market but there’s definitely some great Afghani Black Hash as well other ball hash like Tremblent. 

Buy Hash Canada?

Whoever asked this question is a straight shooter and we like it! Let’s see if we can break down the answer: a) Yes you can buy hash in Canada, legally since 2018 b) If you live in Southwestern Ontario you can buy it from If you live somewhere else we’re sure your Google search will get you where you want to be. 

Cheebas Cheebas?

Is the name of popular cannabis dispensary in Kelowna BC. Otherwise don’t know the answer to the question “Cheebas Cheebas?” Sorry Internet 😬

Hash canada?


Buy hash online?

Ok now it just seems like you’re repeating yourself. Have you been drinking, Internet? 

Hash online?

Well you can buy it online but you understand the hash isn’t in your computer right? Right?! 

Hash in Canada?


Hash for sale?

Don’t you wish you get to hear those words at the next Blue Jays game? “Fresh, sticky hash for sale!” Maybe one day there will be a dab bar at the Skydome? 

Hash on line?

More like hash on the line ammitrite? Jk that doesn’t mean anything. 


It’s possible you’re having an acid flashback, you may want to lie down Internet. 

Mr Hash?

Either a black market website site with some questionable reddit reviews, a Hip Hop artist or the name of our company cat. #2truthsandalie 

Buy greens online?

You don’t mean veggies from Whole Foods do you? You mean the lettuce, the leaf, the bud, the flower man! Buy greens all day at – damn we just rhymed that 🥳

Best online dispensary Canada?

You may not be shocked to learn that it’s 

Hash near me?

If you’re in the Scarborough or Niagara Falls area then we highly recommend you stop into a Stok’d location or hit us up online. 

Best hash?

Yes we have that 

Cheap hash?

We have some value options but we wouldn’t call it cheap because it’s awesome too. 

Hash a vendre?

Mais ouis! Nous avons du merveilleux hash à vendre. Visitez

Where to buy imported hash online in Canada?

If it’s legal hash you’re looking for you can’t find imported hash online in Canada. If it’s something else you’re looking for you’ll have to keep searching, Internet 

Can we hash you a question? 

Having read the entire The Top Hash Varieties in Canada’s Legal Cannabis Market: A 2024 Guide do you think you have a good understanding of what’s available? 

That was definitely the goal when we started writing this so fingers crossed you got something out of this. Would you like to learn more about hash? How to make it? Deeper dives in the history of hash? Let us know and we will be sure to cover your questions in a future article! 

Well that about does it for us. We hashed, we re-hashed, will will hash again!