We’re Stok’d to share another review from our wonderfully talented budtender, Carly! Also, our Niagara Falls dispensary opened this month. So we’re very excited to feature this strain for our Niagara customers to try. Whether you are in Niagara Falls this weekend or just looking for cannabis, have a read.     

Carly, Stok’d Budtender, Reviews Dim Mac by Caramel

After very much enjoying the pre-rolls, I had to grab a lovely orange bag of the stuff!

I’m never disappointed with anything from Caramel Cannabis and this was no exception. From the sweet and gassy smell and creamy flavour to the extreme smoothness, this cross between Drew’s Dark Helmet and MAC had me talkative and relaxed within minutes.

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As the high continued, my head started to feel spacey, more happiness piled on, and the muscles on the sides of my face started to relax.

The combination of a strong THC % and high terpene level had me barely able to finish a joint.

Furthermore, there’s definitely a reason that Carmel was named Brand of the Year in the latest issue of Kind Magazine.

Thank you, Carmel, for yet again showing people how it’s done. 🧡

THC: 23%

Terpenes: 4.05%

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Niagara Falls is a great place to adventure with this strain. Therefore, I highly recommend this strain of cannabis from Caramel if you’re like me and like exploring new weed strains or cannabis edibles. Moreover, we’re the closest cannabis dispensary to all of the Niagara Falls attractions, hotels, and casinos. Also, only five minutes from the most popular Niagara spots thanks to our location on Stanley Ave, we are just a few short blocks from Horseshoe Falls. More strain reviews here.