Canada and cannabis go hand-in-hand. In a 2020 survey, 20% of Canadians said they had consumed cannabis in the last month.

Now is the best time in history to become a cannabis smoker. But don’t start toking just yet. You need to know about joint smoking etiquette first. 

What cannabis strains should you smoke? What are some tips for rolling a joint that you should follow? How can you pass your joint around the table?

Answer these questions and you can master weed smoking etiquette in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Cannabis, Puff, Puff, Pass: Cannabis Pre-Roll Etiquette and Things To Know

When is the Best Time to Use Cannabis?

If you’re new to smoking cannabis, it’s best to start at home, and on top of that, each cannabis strain and product have slightly different effects, so it’s best to play it safe until you’re confident with how cannabis affects you.

Sativas produce an energetic high, while indicas produce a more relaxed high. Smoking flower or vapes will produce a quicker high than eating edibles. Start in a safe space where you have a few hours to relax and enjoy the high, to get a feel for how the different products work with your body.

In addition, alcohol and cannabis are often in the same environment. Indulging in both can result in discomfort, extreme dizziness, or the spins, or worse…

Picking the Right Cannabis Strains

You need to think about a few different cannabis strains when you’re planning for social smoking and looking at smoking etiquette. In general, you should opt for Cannabis sativa over Cannabis indica. The former is more invigorating and uplifting while the latter can be too calming. 

However, you can select a hybrid of the two. Hybrids tend to be more available than pure Sativa, and they can have less of an edge. 

You can then take a look at the best Sativa strains in Scarborough. You can google “cannabis dispensary near me” to look at your different choices.

Bucket List x White 91 is a good choice for daytime smoking, as it is extremely uplifting and aromatic. Golden Ghost OG has incredible smell and flavour notes, making it good for afternoon smoking.

Cannabis, Puff, Puff, Pass: Cannabis Pre-Roll Etiquette and Things To Know

Rolling a Joint

You should consume your weed through joints, not through bongs or edibles. Bongs can ruin the taste of your cannabis, and edibles can take too long to take effect. You can try smoking your weed through a pipe, though you should use a wooden one and not glass. 

If you’re worried about the weed falling onto your fingers, you should make a crutch. You can take a filter tip and fold it until you have the thickness you want. 

Place your crutch on one end of your paper, then sprinkle your weed in a straight line down the centre. Roll the paper up, forming a cone around the weed. Leave the glued side of the paper exposed and lick it to form a tight seal, and then twist one end closed.

Passing the Joint Around

Once you’ve smoked the joint, you can puff and pass it around while following traditional passing etiquette for the dinner table. When sharing cannabis the joint should move in one direction without skipping people unless someone declines to smoke. It should keep moving until everyone has an opportunity to smoke. 

When you smoke, you should put the joint on the tips of your lips and inhale the smoke. Do not put your tongue or teeth on the joint. 

Cannabis, Puff, Puff, Pass: Cannabis Pre-Roll Etiquette and Things To Know

Keep a Drink Nearby When Smoking Weed to Stay Hydrated

Make sure you drink plenty of water when you smoke, as it can make your mouth very dry. This is caused by the submandibular saliva glands, and is a real phenomenon. Keeping fluids on hand and using lip balm can help combat this.

Following Weed Smoking Etiquette

Weed smoking etiquette is trickier than it seems. You need to find the right cannabis strains for your group, specifically Sativa strains. 

Put your weed in wrapping papers or wooden pipes, not glass bongs or brownies. Take time rolling your joint, and pinch one end closed so the flaming weed doesn’t fall out. 

Make sure everyone has an opportunity to smoke. Don’t spend too much time smoking it, and don’t slobber or bite down on it.

Once you understand etiquette, you can dive into cannabis. Stok’d serves Ontario residents, specifically those in Niagara falls and Scarborough. Find a location near you today.