In one way or another, everyone at Stok’d dispensary enjoys cannabis. Smoking, vaping, eating and drinking it as well as wearing and applying it in some form to the skin are all acceptable ways to consume weed. We welcome you to buy marijuana at our cannabis dispensaries, where you can find friendly and knowledgeable budtenders who will assist you in your marijuana journey. For this strain review, we provide you with the thoughts and opinions of our talented cannasseur, and budtender Carly.

Dispensary Near Me, Dispensary Near Me has Orange Kush CK. 💨💨 Strain Review

Orange Kush CK. 💨💨 Strain Review: Budtender Carly at Stok’d

Infused prerolls are everywhere these days, and Avana Brands offering in this category is outstanding!

Infused with live resin and coated with kief, these prerolls are extremely potent. They’re also very smooth., with ash that burns almost completely white once it catches properly.

The high was slow to get going, and I wondered when I’d start to feel the effects. All of a sudden I was launched full-tilt into a wonderfully centred and euphoric state of mind that I’d definitely like to visit again!

The only issue with these is that they can be a little hard to draw from at times, but that is not unique to this particular brand. Smaller pulls tend to help with this problem.

Arguably my favourite infused pre-roll at the moment, and I’ve tried quite a few lately! Be sure to grab one (or more) if you see them!

Dispensary Near Me, Dispensary Near Me has Orange Kush CK. 💨💨 Strain Review

THC: 31.4% and 35.4%

Follow Carly on Insta: @tattooedtoker

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