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bc valley gas strain, Scarborough Dispensary Cannabis: BC Valley Gas Strain Review

Carly, a Stok’d Scarborough Dispensary Budtender, Reviews BC Valley Gas ⛽️

Ok, so I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed to see that Dunn Cannabis used bags this time. Both other times I’ve bought their bud it’s come in a nice glass jar that kept everything perfect.

The buds I received looked like they had potential, but they were a bit dark, somewhat squished, so visually the bag appeal really took a hit.

That being said, I very much enjoyed everything else about this!

The smell was sweet and very gassy, but on my first two pulls I got the very unexpected taste of jalapeño Cheetos. This flavour, however didn’t stick around for long (thank goodness), and instead gave way to the gassiness and citrus I was expecting.

bc valley gas strain, Scarborough Dispensary Cannabis: BC Valley Gas Strain Review

The ash burned white, and the smoke itself was very smooth. But also EXTREMELY strong. I almost tapped out when I was halfway through my joint, but i took a break instead and went back for the rest a little later.

Always a great experience when buying weed from this awesome dispensary in Scarborough

It made me feel content, relaxed every muscle in my body, and kept me happily locked to my seat for well over an hour.

Highly recommended for those gas-lovers that want to completely relax for a while.

THC: 24.7%

Terpenes: 3.45%

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About the grower: 

Dunn Cannabis, founded by Logan Dunn, is an Abbotsford BC company that focuses exclusively on small-batch, hang dried, craft cannabis. They have a genetic catalogue of 74 unique cultivars, first approved by Health Canada for the medical market and slowly being introduced to recreation consumers. Their tagline is “We Grow The Fire” and we definitely concur!  

About the strain: 

The genetics of BC Valley Gas comes from a cross of Valley OG Kush x Chemdog ‘91 X Gas Mask. The breeder is Sherbinskis

Available formats:

0.5 gram pre-rolls & 3.5 gram glass jars or mylar bags depending on location. 

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Carly will continue to review the cannabis strains that find their way onto our menu. Once again, thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy her reviews. If you want to see what Carly had to say about the other strains on the menu, check out her reviews of Scarborough Dispensary Cannabis Strains in our blog.

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