Did you know that Canada has more lake area than any other country on the planet and more than three hundred thousand square kilometres of national parks?

Canada has many natural areas and there are many places to go camping near Niagara Falls. And if you want to organise the best possible camping trip, you’ll need to decide what strains of weed to bring on your with you. 

Since there are so many options to choose from, with a variety of flavour profiles, it’s often difficult to make a decision. To help you out, we’ve written a guide. If you’re looking for help to decide what the best kinds of weed to get at the nearest weed shop to me, keep reading and we’ll tell you what’s important to know. 

best strains, Embracing Nature: The Best Strains of Weed to Take Camping

The Best Strains of Weed for Hiking 

If you’re going to be doing some trekking, it’s not a good idea to smoke weed that makes you feel slow and out of sync. In most cases, strains that are Sativa-dominant will make your mind feel more energised and imaginative. This is why it’s an ideal strain for smoking while you’re out on a hike. 

Bring Acapulco Gold for Lasting Energy on Long Hikes 

Acapulco Gold is a good option for those who want to feel a bit euphoric and who want to increase their mental energy. Therefore, you should consider going to the Stok’d dispensary in Niagara Falls to purchase this strain if you’re planning on going on a long hike that will require lots of stamina. 

If you haven’t consumed Acapulco Gold before, be warned that it is potent. It generally has between twenty and twenty-six percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is why you should only consume a small amount at a time, especially when you’re still in the early stage of your hike. 

Sour OG Cheese for Imagination 

People who consume Sour OG Cheese while they’re out hiking often report that it makes them feel dreamy. This is why it’s a great strain for those who want to explore and visit new places. 

Sour OG Cheese will also give you lots of energy, In fact, if you smoke Sour OG Cheese while you’re outdoors, you might feel as if you just drank a cup of coffee. People often say that it gives them a head high. 

Remember that not all strains are equally powerful. This is why so many people find themselves asking “where is a weed dispensary near me that has the most powerful sativa dominant strain available?. Try out the Sour OG Cheese by State Flower for a great uplifting high.

If you prefer having not so much energy while hiking, you should consider getting the Pinnerz Purple Balance Pre-Roll 6-pack.

Camping with Weed: The Best Strains for Going Fishing 

Even though most fishermen have traditionally chosen to drink beer while they’re fishing, many people are starting to smoke weed instead. The best strains for taking with you on the lake or along the river are balanced hybrids. 

You’ll probably find that Sativas will give you too much energy, which isn’t usually a good thing when you’re stuck on a fishing boat and don’t have anywhere to go. 

On the other hand, a strong Indica strain will put you to sleep, which means that you might not notice when a fish bites your line. 

If you run out of weed while you’re out on the lake and are in an accessible location, you should consider getting weed delivery in Niagara Falls, or order for pickup.

Here are some of the top strains that you should take with you while you’re out on the lake. 

Pink Kush if You Want to Be Calm but Not Fall Asleep 

After smoking Pink Kush, you’ll probably feel your mind start to clear. Not only will it help to bring focus to your wandering mind, but it will also help you to feel more at ease in your body. 

Therefore, it makes sense why this is one of the most popular strains for those who love smoking weed in nature. Find Pink Kush and other calming strains in our online menu.

best strains, Embracing Nature: The Best Strains of Weed to Take Camping

Best Strains for Sitting Around the Campfire and Watching the Stars 

If you live in Canada, it’s not difficult to get away from the light pollution that big cities create. This means that the night skies can be spectacularly clear. When you’re sitting around the campfire, you’ll probably see many thousands of stars.

It’s a good idea to smoke Indica-dominant strains when you’re sitting around the campfire and looking up to the skies. Here are several of the best strains to have on you when you’re winding down the day. 

Ice Cream Cake for Watching the Northern Lights 

Ice Cream Cake is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is known for helping people feel deeply relaxed. It was made by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelatto #33. You might feel sedated after smoking it, but it probably won’t put you to sleep. 

Keep in mind that there are several variations of the Ice Cream Strain. Make sure that you go with one of the more authentic and original varieties. One of the easiest ways to get an authentic I.C.C. strain is by going to the Stok’d Dispensary in Niagara Falls. 

Hindu Kush When You’re Ready to Lay Down

Hindu Kush is one of the world’s most popular strains. It will help you to relax and go to sleep because it is a pure Indica strain. 

If you prefer not to be so relaxed, you should consider bringing a Pinnerz Purple Pre-Roll 6-pack with you on your trip. 

Nearest Weed Shop to Me 

When you want to go camping with weed but don’t know what strains are best to have, the first thing you should do is visit Stok’d search for “the nearest weed shop to me.” If you want to be active, you should consider purchasing Acapulco Gold. Alternatively, if you want to relax, consider buying Ice Cream Cake. 

If you’re looking to purchase high-quality weed in Niagara Falls, we’re here to help. Find a location near you today.