Aside from all the benefits, usefulness, and diversity, cannabis tends to be the single greatest family of plants that has ever existed. It provides the opportunity to grow, uplift, and relax when necessary. No other plant can boast such a huge and positive effect as it has had on the people who have consumed it throughout history. Since cannabis can be purchased right here at your local Scarborough dispensary.

Strains of cannabis at dispensaries in Toronto and Scarborough have many things in common. For example, they may have been grown by the same licensed producer or even be from the same batch. What sets the experience apart is the people that are providing them at the dispensary you shop at. 

A Budtender’s favorite strain

Budtenders at Stok’d Cannabis consume many, if not most of the products we carry, and of course, their opinions are their own. The referral to try new cannabis products, or to stick to the familiar ones, are most often boased on their own trails. It winds down to the budtender’s knowledge of the products to find the nearest weed strain to your favourite, while minding that the strains on the menu are always changing as new batches are constantly dropping. Sometimes under the same cannabis strain name, but more often as a relative under another. 

Each cannabis store may be inevitably different than another due to the fact that each crop of cannabis that is grown has its own separate and distinct, even though sometimes mild, differences from the last. In an effort to aid in your research, we’re sharing these reviews with you. We have many delicious strain reviews, this one is written by our very talented budtender, Abby.

Scarborough Dispensary, Scarborough Dispensary: Platinum Grapes by Organnicraft Strain Review

Strain review from Stok’d Scarborough Dispensary Budtender Abby

I was super excited to see this strain again as I didn’t get to pick it up on their last drop. Coming from their website it is labeled as “the definition of exotic, straight grape deliciousness” (Organnicraft) Organnicraft comes from just outside of Vernon, British Columbia, and prides themselves on being a craft micro grow.

What comes in the bag? Opening the bag, you see a small humidity pack, helping to keep the moisture of the bud locked in. I received 4/5 decently sized nugs absolutely covered in trichomes. Stunning purple and green hues with tinges of orange. 

The first impression is being slapped in the face with a beautiful sugary grape smell. The nose on this is definitely a slight gas mixed with grapes and cream.

Scarborough Dispensary, Scarborough Dispensary: Platinum Grapes by Organnicraft Strain Review

Smoking experience. Definitely hybrid-indica, nice and relaxing without crazy couch lock. This strain is perfect for relaxing and unwinding, or if you’re like me a perfect way to keep a level head. The taste throughout is absolutely delicious. It tastes almost exactly like it smells. Delicious grape cream with a hint of gas on the exhale.

Package date: May 23 2022

Thc: 25.7%

Terpenes: 2.39%

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Marijuana strains have been growing and changing for a long time. I think it is fair to say that some of the strains that have paralyzing effects, might fit into a different category than something that stimulates you to get up and go. But for most of us, we’re just looking for that smile and breath of relief that cannabis provides. It is truly an inspirational plant. We are lucky to search online and buy weed from the nearest dispensary. The only Scarborough dispensary you need to know is Stok’d. Order online or visit us for deals, promos, and contests