We’re located on Stanley Ave in Niagara Falls, just a block away from the breathtaking Horseshoe Falls. Stok’d is friendly and knowledgeable, and the most accessible dispensary around with weed delivery. There’s no better place to spend a memorable evening, whether you’re a local or a tourist looking for an adventure. Visitors from all over travel to Niagara Falls for its stunning waters, twinkling lights, quirky Clifton Hill, and of course, our calming in-store campfire. If you’re looking for weed in Niagara Falls, we’re here to help and give good advice – such as making sure not to stand too close to the falls when you’re lighting up your pre-roll! Shop and buy weed online at Stok’d Niagara.

Where can I find weed in Clifton Hill? Down the street is your local Stok’d dispensary.

Be prepared to be amazed! We are thrilled to open our Canadiana-themed cannabis wonderland in Niagara Falls on Stanley Ave. Stok’d is the newest addition to the family and features a record-setting high, with a 7ft beaver, and an indoor fire pit that doubles as a rolling station. Moreover, You can shop online or visit us by car, bike, or by walking from the Falls, the casinos, and the hotels and restaurants that make Niagara Falls the most popular tourist attraction in Canada. Whether you call the Falls your home or simply a great place to visit, we’re happy to provide you with the best selection of cannabis, the most knowledgeable staff, and the best cannabis experience in the region.

Where is the closest pot shop to the casinos in Niagara Falls? Stok’d is located an equal distance from both, only minutes away.

Stok’d Cannabis Niagara Falls doesn’t just sell marijuana! If you wish to expand your smoking collection, we also sell smoking accessories. Both in-store and online, we have everything you need for the perfect smoking setup. You will find everything you need here, from dab rigs and bongs to glass cleaners and rolling papers. Our store carries high-quality smoking gear, as well as an excellent quality weed. Try our wide range of cannabis edibles if you’re looking for an alternative way to consume THC. Stok’d Cannabis wants you to be able to enjoy your favourite strains daily. We believe cannabis should be accessible to everyone, both medically and recreationally. Our aim is to provide Niagara Falls residents with the highest quality cannabis products from the best cannabis brands.

Cannabis Dispensary Niagara Falls, Weed Delivery, Cannabis Dispensary Niagara Falls, Stok’d welcomes you to shop with us!
Niagara Falls lit at night by colorful lights

Do you want cannabis delivered to your door from a dispensary? You can rely on Stok’d’s delivery drivers to arrive on time every time.

We offer fast and discreet delivery services. We deliver right to your front door when you need it. In spite of all of the benefits smoking or ingesting cannabis can offer, there is still a stigma about the use of cannabis products. You won’t have to worry about judgmental looks or whispers from neighbors because we deliver discreetly. Delivering cannabis discreetly and fast is what Stok’d Cannabis does. Stok’d Cannabis is redefining cannabis delivery by delivering weed directly to your hotel or home, legally. Providing Niagara Falls with the best cannabis and a memorable weed buying experience is our goal.

Come by and visit our in-store campfire and rolling station! Only at Stok’d Cannabis Niagara Falls.

Make the most of your weekend with energizing Sativa strains like Sage and Sour by MTL, Amnesia x Super Haze by Thumbs Up Brand, or Alcopoulco Gold by Johnny Cronic. The latter is a well-known strain that comes from Acapulco, Mexico. Further, it reduces fatigue, stress, and pain, and is energizing. Would you like to spend the day exploring Niagara-on-the-Lake or hiking through the woods? Grab some Pinnerz for a quick smoke on the go. Do you have a specific product in mind or something completely different? Just get in touch with one of our budtenders. You can trust them to know everything about our products and find the right item for you. You are not judged in Stok’d, regardless of your experience level. Interested in talking to someone, finding out what you need, and getting started? Come visit us in our nearest pot shop to Niagara Falls.

Cannabis Dispensary Niagara Falls, Weed Delivery, Cannabis Dispensary Niagara Falls, Stok’d welcomes you to shop with us!

Buying weed online? When choosing a cannabis delivery service in Niagara Falls, consider these factors.

We’re a legal cannabis dispensary with products that undergo strict compliance with guidelines set out by our government. But, more importantly, our menu is curated specifically for the people who shop in our stores. We love weed and know that our customers do too. Dry flower cannabis isn’t our only product either. Among our THC products are vape pens, edibles, concentrates, chocolates, gummies, and soft chews, as well as delicious beverages. No matter how you chill, we’ve got you covered. Choose CBD edibles that will become your new favorites, or find something new with the help of our budtenders. We also offer same-day weed delivery.

Would you like to visit our store but do not have the time? That’s no problem at all. Our weed delivery is Stok’d.

We at Stok’d Cannabis Niagara Falls have made it easy for you to buy weed online. Have it delivered fast and by a friendly cannabis delivery driver. It is as simple as browsing our online shop and picking up in-store whenever it is convenient for you. Amazing customer service, give it a try now! Additionally, if you’re in Toronto, our pot shops offer the best service and excellent selection of cannabis, in-store and provide the best Scarborough cannabis delivery.