Top 9 Weed Strains To Buy In Scarborough

Late November 2017, the House of Commons passed the Cannabis Act, making it legal for adults in Canada to buy and carry a little more than an ounce of marijuana. 

This is enough weed to roll about 60 joints. At the time, experts projected that this move would earn the country more than $675 million each year from taxing legal weed. It also made it possible for people to safely buy different weed strains in Toronto, Ontario, and other Canadian provinces; everyone wins. 

Because of this Act, many online marijuana dispensaries are now selling different strains of weed in Scarborough. Stok’d Cannabis is perfectly situated to sell cannabis to the established communities of Scarborough and East York. 

There are thousands of newly-established seed banks, each coming out with incredible and unique strains of cannabis. When there are so many products to consider, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed by all the choices. Stok’d budtenders can help, but in this time of limited ability to interact face to face, we t​h​ought this weed strain guide would be helpful as you embark on the journey to find the best marijuana strains in Toronto. 

This guide contains a list of strains for cannabis and will give you a breakdown of the experience each of these strains comes with. It will also provide relevant weed strain info that will leave you more knowledgeable the next time you’re choosing between strains to enjoy at home, or around the campfire up north. 

Weed Strains, Looking To Buy Cannabis Online? Here Is A List Of The Top 9 Weed Strains In Scarborough
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But first, let’s start with the basics; 

Although there are hundreds, even thousands, of different kinds of weed in Scarborough, all these strains fall into three distinct groups: Indica, Sativa, and hybrids of the two. These types of marijuana are known to have different effects, but how exactly can you tell them apart? 

1. What Is Indica?

Many smokers associate indicas with a heavy, full-body high that makes them perfect for an evening spent at home, digging through a bag of Doritos. ‘In-the-couch’, they sentimentally call it. Different strains of indica weed help in muscle relaxation, and in dealing with insomnia. 

How Does Indica Make You Feel? 

Indica strains are known to induce feelings of euphoria, happiness, and relaxation. Expect heavy eyelids and sleepy eyes. Strains with high indica concentration are perfect for relaxing after an intense workout session or unwinding at the cottage after the long drive north or after a long day at work​. Also great for deep thoughts generated from staring into the bonfire.

Weed Strains, Looking To Buy Cannabis Online? Here Is A List Of The Top 9 Weed Strains In Scarborough

2. What Is Sativa? 

Sativas are another common type of marijuana in Scarborough. Unlike indicas, they’re often associated with uplifting effects and an energetic head high. Most people, therefore, use it to boost focus, creativity, and concentration. Smoking different strains of sativa weed is also great for navigating through anxiety and stress. 

Is Sativa An Upper Or Downer? 

When you smoke a sativa-dominant strain, you should expect a euphoric, happy, and stimulated high. It leaves you feeling quite motivated, and would be the perfect type of marijuana for errand-Tuesday. 

You should always keep a sativa nearby, especially for projects that require you to exert yourself creatively. Think playing charades, or singing songs around the campfire. 

Weed Strains, Looking To Buy Cannabis Online? Here Is A List Of The Top 9 Weed Strains In Scarborough

3. What Are Hybrid Weed Strains? 

Hybrids are born when seedbanks get freaky and creative and perform a genetic cross between an Indica and a Sativa. Since they harbour the traits of both indica and sativa in their genetics, they tend to have a unique blend of effects. 

Depending on the dominant variety present in the strain, a hybrid could be energetic, sleep-inducing, uplifting, etc. 

So, does indica always mean ‘into-bed’?

On your first hunt for good weed, a retailer probably asked you whether you’d like an indica or a sativa. When you weren’t sure what to respond, they probably then asked: “Well, do you plan on staying indoors, watching a movie, or are you out to run errands instead?” 

The truth is, the effects of marijuana aren’t bred into whether it’s an indica or a sativa. Some indica strains can be euphoric and uplifting; the opposite is also true for sativas. 

Both types of marijuana contain cannabinoids, most abundantly THC and CBD. Alongside terpenes, these are the compounds responsible for the effects of marijuana. THC is psychoactive- meaning it will get you high- while CBD is non-psychoactive. 

THC is known to induce euphoria, happiness, and energy. CBD, on the other hand, is associated with pain relief and relaxation. The effects of all kinds of weed in Toronto depend on the cannabinoids present in the strain. 

Weed Strains, Looking To Buy Cannabis Online? Here Is A List Of The Top 9 Weed Strains In Scarborough

Now that we’re all caught up, let’s look at 9 of Toronto’s best marijuana strains. 

When buying your weed online from a licensed online retailer like Stok’d make sure you get a premium, top quality bud right from the comfort of your home. It also gives you the luxury of picking weed strains of your choice. 

Here is a list of 9 cannabis weed strains you will enjoy: 

1. Cherry Bomb 

Bred by Jonny Chronic, Cherry Bomb is an explosive sativa-dominant hybrid that’s glossed with trichomes and graced by golden-orange pistils. 

It has a high THC concentration (about 22.2%) and will make for a very potent high. This makes it one of the best marijuana strains in Toronto. 

Cherry Bomb has a fruity, floral smell with musky under markings. It has notes of blueberry and blackberry in its flavour and will delight your taste buds. 

Since this strain is sativa-dominant, it results in an active and mentally uplifting high. Effects kick in rather quickly, starting out as a light buzz that

culminates in a strong, heady rush. It is, therefore, perfect for use during the day. 

Cherry Bomb allows you to enjoy the effects of THC without being overwhelmed by sleep or becoming one with your couch. The small indica concentration also helps tame the rush and will aid in keeping anxiety at bay. 

Stok’d suggested use: when playing volleyball on the beach. 

Weed Strains, Looking To Buy Cannabis Online? Here Is A List Of The Top 9 Weed Strains In Scarborough

2. Ghost Train Haze 

Ghost Train Haze is a strong and incredibly potent sativa weed strain from Color Cannabis. This strain comes in dense, fresh buds with a green hue and glassy white trichomes. They often also have brown streaks. 

This strain has 19.6% THC and can be used to stimulate appetite and relieve pain and depression. It is also ideal for creative endeavors, but only when taken in small doses. 

Ghost Train Haze has a fruity and floral taste with spicy, citrus undertones. It has a mild flavour, thus will not leave you smelling like a miscreant. (No worries if it does, however, you’re getting high on legal marijuana!) 

Smoking this heavy sativa is bound to get you ready for a day spent on the hiking trails or handling chores​. Thanks to its energetic and uplifting high, this strain lends itself perfectly for hanging out with your friends, indoors or otherwise. 

Weed Strains, Looking To Buy Cannabis Online? Here Is A List Of The Top 9 Weed Strains In Scarborough

3. Sour Kush 

Sour Kush from Good Supply tastes and smells just as its name suggests: dunk and pungent. It is a potent indica strain that puts many other kinds of weed in Toronto to shame. This strain of marijuana has 19.6% THC making for a steady high without getting overwhelmed by sedation. 

Sour Kush has a nice balance between relaxation and euphoria; it results in a calm, happy high, and may even leave you energetic. It has a strong, tangy smell, a dunk taste with heavy diesel undertones, and will be quite an aromatic smoke. Fantastic for when you’re relaxing on the dock, enjoying the sunshine sparkling off the lake. 

Weed Strains, Looking To Buy Cannabis Online? Here Is A List Of The Top 9 Weed Strains In Scarborough

4. Rotterdam Indica

A potent and organic bud from Highly Dutch Organic, Rotterdam Indica, belongs on your top 10 list for cannabis strains. It has a THC concentration of 17.4%-18.6%, thus will result in a hard-hitting high. 

Rotterdam Indica produces dense, aromatic flowers with a lush green hue and red-brown streaks. When burnt, this strain has a sweet, beer-like flavor with earthy undertones, and a strong, earthy, and piney smell. 

Since it is an indica strain, Rotterdam will result in a giggly, joyful, and euphoric high. After about half an hour, this high is bound to morph into tranquillity and sedation. 

Touted to be one of Toronto’s best weed strains, Rotterdam Indica is best for an evening spent cooking a great meal, running light errands ​before lying down to watch a movie or two. 

Weed Strains, Looking To Buy Cannabis Online? Here Is A List Of The Top 9 Weed Strains In Scarborough

5. BC Pink Kush 

Flowr is a brand that’s committed to growing premium cannabis. Rooted firmly in their mission, they desire to provide their customers with the best marijuana strains. Like all other kinds of weed on their menu, BC Pink Kush doesn’t disappoint. 

BC Pink Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that will bring about heavy full-body effects. It contains up to 22.5% of THC, and makes for a very potent smoke. When smoked in small doses, this strain helps ease insomnia, relieve pain, and stimulate the appetite. 

One of the best weed strains in Scarborough, BC Pink Kush is a joy to look at, and a delight to smoke. It has light pink hairs peeking from its green buds. This strain gives off a strong musky and earthy smell; when smoked, it leaves a citrusy and sweet aftertaste in your mouth. 

You know those nights you really need to go to sleep but insomnia has other ideas? Such nights are the reason you should always keep some Rotterdam Indica handy. 

Weed Strains, Looking To Buy Cannabis Online? Here Is A List Of The Top 9 Weed Strains In Scarborough

6. Sunset Sherbet 

Sunset Sherbet has prized genetics. In breeding it, Mr. Sherbinski crossed Pink Panties with GSC, its parent strain. GSC has incredible ancestry- Durban Poison, Cherry Pie, and OG Kush. This is why it’s one of the most popular

weed strains in Toronto. Popularly known as Sherbet, this strain has a heavy, sweet-citrusy smell, and a tart, berry-like aroma. 

Sunset Sherbet is an indica-dominant weed strain with 18% THC concentration. This strain induces strong full-body effects, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed. It is perfect for dealing with insomnia and pain, making it one of the best marijuana strains for evening use. 

Weed Strains, Looking To Buy Cannabis Online? Here Is A List Of The Top 9 Weed Strains In Scarborough

7. Jack Haze 

Jack Haze, grown by 7ACRES, is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s bound to leave you giggling like a toddler. This is one of the many different types of marijuana in Scarborough; if you like an earthy, dank bud, this is the strain for you. 

Since it is heavy on sativa, Jack Haze results in a euphoric, happy, and uplifted head high. You can count on it to get you through a period of stress and depression. This cannabis strain is also perfect for focus, concentration, and expressing yourself creatively. 

Packed with terpenes, Jack Haze has a strong, musty smell, with pine and wood undertones. When burnt, it has a sour-tasting smoke that may overwhelm some. Ideal for the seasoned marijuana connoisseur, beginners should proceed with caution. 

Weed Strains, Looking To Buy Cannabis Online? Here Is A List Of The Top 9 Weed Strains In Scarborough

8. Granddaddy Purple 

Granddaddy Purple was introduced in 2003, and it has grown to become one of the most beloved of all the different strains of weed in Toronto. It was developed by performing a cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle, and is predominantly an indica strain. This strain has a strong, berry-like aroma and a citrusy, grape flavor that will excite your taste buds. 

Granddaddy Purple has a THC concentration of 17%- it is quite potent, and kicks in quite quickly, but is never too overwhelming. 

Despite being an indica, this strain causes a calming head high. It is also known to be sleep-inducing, making it perfect for combating insomnia. When you can’t get to the cottage but need a deep cottage sleep, this is the strain for you.

This strain is rather strong, and can relieve pain, relax the muscles and even help ease stress. 

Weed Strains, Looking To Buy Cannabis Online? Here Is A List Of The Top 9 Weed Strains In Scarborough

9. Peggy’s Pride 

The pride of Msiku, Peggy’s Pride, is a sativa-leaning strain meant for a busy day out. This is a high THC strain, a jaw-dropping 21.5%; it is therefore quite potent. Msiku is dedicated to high-quality service and top-shelf products, and this strain affirms that. 

Peggy’s Pride has a unique blend of terpenes, thus has a pleasant taste and smell. 

Thanks to its high sativa content, it induces a strong head high, and will leave you feeling happy, giggly, and talkative. Therefore, this cannabis strain is perfect for a day at the gym, finishing DIY home projects, working on your car in the garage, or any activity undertaken on a girls’ or boy’s weekend at the cottage.

Weed Strains, Looking To Buy Cannabis Online? Here Is A List Of The Top 9 Weed Strains In Scarborough

How Can I Find The Best Online Weed Dispensary In Scarborough? 

When searching online for weed, you’re bound to notice all the dispensaries with different strains of weed on sale. Before buying from one of these, it’s crucial to make sure you’re going with the cannabis retailer that best suits your needs

First off, consider their location. Buying weed online is the wave right now, but what if you want to go down yourself and see what’s in stock? Find a dispensary that allows for both in-store shopping and door-to-door delivery. Parking is a bonus! 

It would also help to ask around. If you have friends that smoke, they’d be more than happy to point you to a store they know with good flowers and excellent service. Or just come straight to Stok’d – we’re always happy to help. 

If you’re up for the experience, you can buy weed from different shops over some time, and gauge for yourself the retailer you should stick with. Once you build the relationship with your store of choice, they’ll learn your style and preferences, and will be able to recommend products they know you’ll love. 

What do you think of our list of 9 cannabis strains? Is there a strain you feel needs to be on this list? Let us know about your experience with different weed strains!