Buying cannabis online is like being a kid in a candy shop. When you buy weed online it’s not the same as in the old days when you could stick your face in the freezer bag and take a big whiff of that dank chronic you’re about to purchase. That’s why we’re sharing this strain review with you from a Stok’d budtender to be better informed when buying your cannabis online, or in the store.

Carly, Stok’d Budtender, Reviews Organic Pink Island Kush

I feel like Simply Bare Organic is on point with everything they release! I feel bad now that I ignored them so long based on the colour of their jars (I know, I know, it’s shameful). Today I’m reviewing their strain Organic Pink Island Kush.

The buds were dark, dense and well-trimmed, with the perfect humidity level.

It smelled funkier than I was expecting, and oddly enough I got hints of pepperoni.

I found that the taste was pretty consistent with how it smelled, although there was a floral start on the inhale.

Organic Pink Island Kush

The smoothness was exactly what I have come to expect from this LP, and I didn’t notice much gas. I’m not much of a Kush person, but this takes top spot on my Kush list!

The high hit quickly.

Within minutes the pleasant, but hard-hitting effects were noticeable. I felt a band tighten up from temple-to-temple via my forehead.

I had to take a few breaks from smoking, as it hit way higher than the container’s THC level would have you believe (thank you high terpene content!)

Definitely to be enjoyed in the evening or on a day off!

THC: 20%
Terpenes: 3.34%

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The employees at your Stok’d dispensary are there for a reason – to help you make an informed decision about which product or products will suit your needs best. They are not just trying to make a sale, our budtenders are very passionate about the cannabis industry. If you have questions, ask! If you want to hear the best possible advice on what cannabis product to choose, pick the brain of an employee who is knowledgeable and experienced. Weed is so new to some other dispensaries that not everyone in a retail position knows their stuff; this is where asking questions makes all the difference! Find your favorite strain by shopping with a budtender at Stok’d.

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