You may be wondering what to expect when you visit one of the Stok’d cannabis dispensary stores. The first thing to know is that it’s all about customer service. You walk into your local store, a friendly and knowledgeable cannabis budtender will greet you, and be available to assist you with your options if you have any questions. There are menu screens for things like pre-rolled joints, edibles, flowers, and other cannabis products. You can also ask staff members for help if you need it! Once you find something that interests you, simply head to the checkout area. Here is a review of Alien SinMint Cookie by our wonderful cannabis budtender Carly.

Carly, Stok’d Budtender, Reviews Alien SinMint Cookies

I’m trying to get my hands on as many Blk-Mkt products as possible, and this was next on my list.

The spice and spearmint scents were strong coming out of the jar.

The buds were tight and dense, with some beautiful shades of purple and plenty of trichomes that made it glisten in the light.

Flavours of cake and coffee were present, and the smoothness was what I’ve come to expect from Blkmrkt.

As tasty as it was, I had trouble finishing my joint because it was just so strong!

I wasn’t expecting the effects to smack me so quickly…after only a few hits my head was wrapped up and bobbing slightly.

It was extremely relaxing, without much couch-lock. My ability to think and the reason was severely compromised, which was fine by me!

THC: 20.9% Terpenes: 2.5%

Cannabis terpenes are responsible for creating the unique flavors and aromas of different varieties, and now we understand that the importance of terpenes is even more significant. Terpenes, created in unique combinations, give plants their aroma, taste, and appearance. Terpenes are organic compounds responsible for creating the unique aroma of each individual cannabis plant. The cannabis plant also contains terpenes, which are among the most abundant compounds in the natural world.

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