A simple guide on how NOT to canoe your joint of rolled cannabis. As well as a few other helpful hints for an overall enhanced weed smoking experience. We hope this will give you the courage to confidently roll with pleasure and to share the knowledge found here freely. If ever you’re uncertain, just remember you can always find our great selection of pre-rolled cannabis products in our online shop ready for pick-up or delivery. 

A firm and even roll

A solid foundation is a key to any structure’s integrity and ability to perform its allotted task. This goes to say that a marijuana cigarette also needs proper construction in order to achieve its intended use. Rolling it firmly, not too loose or too tight, is essential for evenly burning the material which must be distributed in the same fashion. Grinding the cannabis with a grinder that crushes the bud into fine shreds, without turning it to powder or being too chunky, is important when attempting to achieve optimal weed density in your doobie.

The twist and light

Like the delicately placed foot of a dancing ballerina, lighting your joint with a smooth and steady rotation is a beautiful thing. Ensuring that you are holding just the tip of the joint in the top of the flame, and spinning it ever so carefully with your index finger and thumb to make sure your roll doesn’t canoe. Your stick of weed should have an even burn all around the outside tip before passing it off for that delightful initial haul. 

Just licking the tip

For some of you seasoned smokers – a regular baptism is nothing new before lighting a PRD (pre-rolled doobie). However, this is dependent on the rolling papers, and we have found that most of the pre-roll’s that you buy in-store do not require this ceremony. However, sometimes on a windy day, the burn might start to run up one side. If this happens simply drop a small bubble of saliva on the tip of your finger and apply a ring around the bottom-most part of the canoe. This will help the rest of the joint catch up and any leftover moisture will have evaporated.

In the right space

Lighting up a joint on the peak of a mountain, in the pouring rain, or in any type of condition that is going to inhibit your ability to ensure the consistency of the materials involved in the joint rolling process… how ever cool it might be to try – simply isn’t logical. If unfavorable conditions exist, then we recommend that you seek shelter; whether in the recessed space of your garage door, the shipping and receiving dock of your office building, or somewhere covered and out of any heavy wind that is ready to fly you away in the wrong way.

Thanks for reading, and remember, there is always a Stok’d budtender that can assist you with all of your cannabis and joint-rolling needs – even if it’s just for advice on technique. The perfect roll exists, and you can find it at any Stok’d Cannabis retail location or have it ready for pickup or delivery when you want. Happy toking, from Stok’d.