Who Sells Cannabis Near Me? How To Find The Cannabis Weed Store Near You

We’ve come a long way from the days when marijuana was illegal, and the only way you could get it was from a dealer in the black market. This was not only risky but also very unreliable; for one, it opened you up to the risk of smoking cannabis with impurities. At the same time, even if you had a dealer you could trust, supply wasn’t always guaranteed. 

When (now Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau was campaigning for office, the legalization of cannabis was a major part of his manifesto. Through the government’s guidance, the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation was formed. Now, more than five years later, the Canadian cannabis industry is thriving. 

Look around you; you’re likely to see a cannabis dispensary near you offering a wide variety of cannabis strains and other related products

In this article, we’ll dig deep into why you should purchase your weed from a licensed retailer rather than local dealers in the black market. 

cannabis near me, 9 Reasons You Should Buy Cannabis From a Dispensary Near You

1. Buying From a Local Dealer May Be illegal

In a bid to control the industry and ensure people smoke only the highest quality cannabis, the Cannabis Act set stringent rules regarding who can sell marijuana in Canada. For this reason, you’re only legally allowed to buy from a licensed dispensary that complies with all the set rules and regulations. 

Buying from a local dealer or even from an unlicensed retailer is therefore still considered illegal. To ensure you don’t run into any legal troubles, buying from a licensed dispensary near you is the way to go. 

cannabis near me, 9 Reasons You Should Buy Cannabis From a Dispensary Near You

2. Buying From a Dispensary Grows Our Economy

The cannabis industry is projected to reach 8.62 bn CAD by 2026. The cannabis dispensary near you, like every other business operating in the country, pays taxes, license fees, and other operational fees to the government. Buying from such a dispensary ensures that the money collected from this industry remains in the community, which helps cement economic growth in the country. 

Many local dealers get their weed from unregulated sources and fail to pay taxes. Supporting them protects these activities and, in the long run, prevents this money from circulating in the community, going instead into the hands of only a few. 

cannabis near me, 9 Reasons You Should Buy Cannabis From a Dispensary Near You

3. Buying From a Dispensary Does a Lot for the Environment

Don’t worry- we can explain. Protecting the environment from further dilapidation is a major focus for most governments worldwide, including our own. For this reason, cannabis dispensaries are required to get their stock from sustainable sources. For example, many farmers today are paying attention to the pesticides and insecticides they use to grow their marijuana, many of which . have been found to contaminate the soil and may even be harmful to birds, fish, and non-target plants. 

Many local dealers aren’t this deliberate about where they source their cannabis. They may, for example, get it from greenhouses whose emissions damage the ozone layer or from farmers who use pesticides and other chemical fertilizers to maximize growth. 

Buying your weed from a pot shop near you will ensure that you’re doing what you can to reduce your carbon footprint. 

cannabis near me, 9 Reasons You Should Buy Cannabis From a Dispensary Near You
Nice happy woman sitting on flowers meadow in the garden, enjoying bright spring sunshine, active spring holidays in countryside

4. Buying From a Dispensary Helps Support Local Farmers

Cannabis has been a part of Canadian culture for a long time despite its former illegal status. One of the government’s biggest motivations behind legalizing marijuana, other than making it inaccessible to teenagers, is to ensure local farmers benefit as much as they can. 

Unlike many unlicensed dealers, the recreational dispensary near you carries many cannabis products grown by local farmers. By buying from such a store, you support farmers dedicated to cultivating high-quality marijuana and who ultimately guarantee constant supply. 

cannabis near me, 9 Reasons You Should Buy Cannabis From a Dispensary Near You

5. You Get Top of The Shelf Bud

The cannabis industry is an incredibly competitive world. Every new dispensary that crops up has to deal with the stiff competition from other businesses and even more from the black market. To be able to compete favorably, every dispensary owner understands that quality must never be compromised. 

Like the weed store near you, we have no shortage of premium quality strains, and blends thus can comfortably meet our consumers’ cannabis needs. 

With many local dealers, this is not the case. Since their bud is not standardized, it’s more likely to be of lower quality and much less potency. If you’re looking for somewhere you can find the best cannabis, that pot store near you would be the best bet. 

cannabis near me, 9 Reasons You Should Buy Cannabis From a Dispensary Near You

6. Buying From a Licensed Shop Poses Far Less Health Risks

When you buy your weed from an unlicensed dealer, you risk smoking an adulterated batch. You may also buy a batch grown using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which poses a consumption risk in itself. 

Before weed can be sold to a licensed retailer and then to the consumers, it has to go through a series of lab tests to confirm whether it meets the set quality standards and is, therefore, safe to consume. 

No one wants to smoke weed that’s been tainted with harmful chemicals. At least we don’t! If you’re looking for safe, high-quality cannabis near you, you should check out one of our stores. 

cannabis near me, 9 Reasons You Should Buy Cannabis From a Dispensary Near You

7. You Know What You’re Getting

Marijuana dispensaries stock a wide selection of strains, from CBD to THC to everything in between. These strains are typically created by industry-leading experts and cultivators, with the aim of developing top-notch high potency buds. 

When you buy your weed from a dealer in the black market, you may not know for sure whether what you ask for is what you get. Often, such dealers lie about the potency of the cannabis they’re selling; some may even give you less weed than you’ve paid for. 

Licensed pot stores conduct business differently. For one, all their products are properly packaged, with the strain name, potency, and mass clearly indicated. When you ask for some Pink Kush, that’s what you get. 

cannabis near me, 9 Reasons You Should Buy Cannabis From a Dispensary Near You

8. Dispensaries Are Reliable and Convenient

We all know how it feels to be disappointed by the weed guy. You called them at noon, only for them to turn up at 6 pm, with nothing but subpar weed, excuses and stories. The local dealer can be quite unreliable since they operate at their own time and convenience.

Cannabis dispensaries couldn’t be more different. They operate a certain set of hours each day, meaning you can get your stash whenever you need to. Our stores, for example, operate from 9 am to 10 pm; we guarantee friendly service whenever you walk in through our doors. We also offer the convenience of shopping online and having your order delivered right to your home. 

cannabis near me, 9 Reasons You Should Buy Cannabis From a Dispensary Near You

9. You Get To Buy Your Weed From An Expert

The dispensary that sells cannabis near you is likely to hire a number of budtenders and marijuana connoisseurs who know their way around weed. When you buy from such a store, you gain access to the wealth of information these individuals possess. 

If you’ve never bought marijuana before or are unfamiliar with different strains, a budtender will guide you and make sure you buy the weed that best suits your needs. 

Now that we’ve talked about why you should buy weed from a dispensary, let’s talk about where you can buy the best weed in ON. 

cannabis near me, 9 Reasons You Should Buy Cannabis From a Dispensary Near You

Where To Find The Best Dispensary Near You

For the past few years, Stok’d has been dedicated to supplying the people in Scarborough and even further beyond as we continue to grow and expand. 

Stok’d Cliffside is our newest store, located on the Northside of Kingston Rd, west of Midland Ave. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your cannabis needs. This store, therefore, contains an adequate supply of marijuana and related products and accessories. If you live in Birchcliffe, Cliffside, Cliffcrest, Scarborough Village, or Guildwood, Stok’d Cliffside Dispensary is the best cannabis dispensary on Kingston Rd.

Stok’d Clairlea, our original store which was launched in early 2020 is located in the Clairlea Plaza at Pharmacy Ave and St. Clair Ave East, and shares space with Pizza Hut, Tim Hortons, Dairy Queen, and other local retailers. It is the perfect stop on your way home after a weekend spent shopping or hanging out with friends. 

Stok’d Cannabis Stores are as Canadian as it gets and are home to the best cannabis near you. If you’ve been searching for the best weed dispensary, you’ve found it.

cannabis near me, 9 Reasons You Should Buy Cannabis From a Dispensary Near You

Conclusion: How To Buy Cannabis Near You

Now that marijuana is legal, it is easy to buy it so long as you get it from a licensed retailer. 

Many people have no idea how to buy cannabis, thus making their decision solely based on the THC count. In reality, there’s much more to weed than how much THC is in it. Terpenes, CBD, and other cannabinoids are incredibly useful to consider as they will also contribute to the taste, effects, and smoking experience you get. 

For example, Platinum Cookies, one of our most popular strains, is a premium Sativa with up to 26% THC and 1% CBD, making it perfect for working out or a night spent sitting by a campfire with your buddies. If you’re not sure whether you should get an Indica or a Sativa or what potency is good for you, stop by our pot stores sometime. Our budtenders will be glad to help!