3 Types Of Cannabis Edibles You Can Buy In Scarborough

For many people, smoking a blunt is the most ideal way of consuming cannabis, and for a good reason. There’s nothing like rolling up and unwinding over some calming, high-quality flower, especially after a long day at work or a grueling workout at the gym.

Smoking (and vaping) marijuana is incredibly popular among cannabis users due to how hassle-free it is. The effects of weed also kick in much quicker when you smoke. 

That said, many people are unable to smoke weed regularly. For some, this has to do with asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Others simply don’t like inhaling cannabis smoke because of how dry it makes their throats feel.

If you’re part of this demographic but still want to enjoy the benefits of consuming cannabis, then edible gummies are for you.

Weed edibles generally refer to food products that have been infused with cannabis, be it CBD or THC. There are many different types of edibles- the choice you make depends on what your favorite snack is, plus the texture and flavor you’re going for.

In today’s article, we’ll dive deeply into edible gummies, where to buy edible THC gummies in Scarborough, and what to expect after eating them. 

Edible Gummies, Where To Buy The Best Edible Gummies in Scarborough

Are Edible Gummies Better Than Smoking?

Although smoking weed results in a quicker high, edibles have been shown to have more intense, longer-lasting effects. Smoking involves combusting cannabis, which may result in the formation of tar and other dangerous substances. Since this isn’t the case with edibles, weed gummies have been touted to be a ‘cleaner’ way of getting high.

Cannabis is quite aromatic; smoking or vaping generates a tell-tale cloud of smoke. Edibles are a much more discreet way of consuming cannabis. This makes it easier to carry them, say on a road trip or walk to the park, and get high on the go. 

Research is still currently underway on whether eating weed edibles is safer than smoking weed. In the meantime, however, it’s worth noting that getting your weed from a licensed retailer and rolling it in natural hemp-based paper will help ensure you’re not inhaling too many unwanted chemicals. 

Edible Gummies, Where To Buy The Best Edible Gummies in Scarborough

What Are The Best Types of Edible Gummies? 

Edible gummies have come a long way. Today, it is possible to infuse cannabis into almost any type of food, including confectionery items and beverages. Although most people attribute edibles to cakes, brownies, and other sorts of pastries, marijuana is now being used to make weed candy, full meals, and even gummies. 

Pot gummies are incredibly popular among weed enthusiasts. Due to their pleasant taste and variety in flavoring, gummies offer a fun and tasty way of consuming marijuana. 

Aside from the food product used to make them, edibles can also be classified based on the compound included in the item.

For example, some edibles contain CBD only, those that contain a blend of CBD and THC, and those that contain THC only.

We’ll take a deeper look at each of these types of edibles in the following section. 

Edible Gummies, Where To Buy The Best Edible Gummies in Scarborough

1. CBD-only Edible Gummies

CBD is a compound found in many varieties of the cannabis plant, including hemp. Unlike THC, this cannabinoid is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high. CBD, however, is known to bring about calming, numbing and sedative effects and is thus used all over the world to relieve pain and help people go to sleep. 

Cannabis retailers are now awash with many different CBD products, including edible gummies, soft chews, and other edibles. If you’re looking to try out CBD edible gummies, here are a few things you should know:

  • Inspect the product packaging keenly- Marijuana is legal in Canada, therefore, it’s impossible to find a weed dispensary whose shelves aren’t filled with THC products. Before buying anything, read the packaging and confirm with your budtender to ensure the gummies you’re purchasing only have CBD in them. You don’t want that THC high to sneak up on you!
  • Check the dosage Ensure you’re aware of the dosage of the gummy pack you want to buy. This will give a clear indication of how strong the edible gummies are.
  • Start small- Most people aren’t aware of how much CBD is right for them, especially if they’re just starting. It would be good to start small, start with 5-10mg, and then slowly upping the dose. This will help you know just how much is enough for you and how much to take. 

What Are The Effects of CBD Gummies?

Thanks to the way CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system, it may help change your mood, calm your anxiety, and even relieve pain. Eating CBD candies may, therefore, leave you feeling sleepy and relaxed, or uplifted and clear. If you suffer from chronic pain, a strong enough dose will leave you feeling relief. 

CBD is said to be quite effective in easing the symptoms of anxiety, such as racing heart pace, worry, and restlessness. 

Edible Gummies, Where To Buy The Best Edible Gummies in Scarborough

What Are The Best CBD Edible Gummies?

Considering just how many brands of CBD edible gummies there are in Canada, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and spoiled for choice. A lot goes into picking out high-quality, tasty yet effective weed gummies. To make this process easier for you, we’ve broken down some of our best and most popular CBD gummy bears:

Peach Serene CBD Gummies

Peach Serene CBD gummies from Aurora Drift have a pleasant and unique taste. These gummies are made from CBD resin that was extracted from Aurora Drift’s best-selling CBD strains. This resin is distributed evenly to ensure there’s consistency in each bite. 

This pack comes with five delicious gummies, each with 10mg of CBD. You could decide to space them out and have one say every morning. If you only need a small boost, then half a gummy will work just as well. Thanks to their sweet taste, these gummies help mask the taste of cannabis. 

Edible Gummies, Where To Buy The Best Edible Gummies in Scarborough

DYNATHRIVE CBD Apple Cider Vinegar Soft Chews

DYNATHRIVE CBD Soft Chews is a premium edible product from DYNAWELLNESS. These CBD soft chews were made to encapsulate the spirit of Canada. Made using real apple cider vinegar and real Canadian apple juice, they have the taste of a sweet, tart apple, pleasantly masking the taste of cannabis.

The DYNATHRIVE CBD pack comes with 30 soft chews, each with 10 mg of pure CBD isolate. This amounts to precisely 300 mg CBD overall. If you’re looking for an entire month’s supply of CBD gummies in Scarborough, these soft chews will be more than enough. 

Edible Gummies, Where To Buy The Best Edible Gummies in Scarborough

2. THC-only Weed Gummies

THC gummies are what springs to the minds of most people when edibles are mentioned. Unlike CBD, THC is psychoactive, meaning it will get you high. You probably already know this, though. 

THC pot gummies are many people’s preferred way of getting high, especially on a lazy Saturday afternoon. For one, the high tends to last much longer than that of smoking. Edibles also allow you to choose exactly how much THC you’d like to consume at a go, significantly reducing the risk of taking too much. 

Edible Gummies, Where To Buy The Best Edible Gummies in Scarborough

What Are Common THC Gummies Effects? 

As we’ve mentioned above, THC will get you high. You should therefore expect to feel effects similar to those attributed to smoking weed. Like other drugs, THC triggers the dopamine reward system. This causes feelings of euphoria. 

THC has been found to increase enjoyment in food smell and taste, thereby improving appetite. Depending on how much you take, you may find yourself getting barraged by a constant flow of ideas, which may then alter your perception of time. 

The edibles we have for sale all indicate how much THC is present per gummy. Pay attention to this figure as it will help determine your dosage.

The following are some of our most popular pot edibles in Scarborough: 

Edible Gummies, Where To Buy The Best Edible Gummies in Scarborough

Blueberry Sour Soft Chews

Blueberry Sour Soft Chews from Wana are tart and sweet pot gummies that were designed for the average marijuana consumer and long-time connoisseur alike. These soft chews each have 10 mg of THC and were uniquely handcrafted with all-natural ingredients and additives. 

Blueberry Sour Soft Chews are uniformly packed with terpene-enhanced Indica distillate, thus will offer a calming, relaxing high. If you’re looking for THC gummies for sale in Scarborough, Blueberry Sour Soft Chews would be a great place to start. 

Edible Gummies, Where To Buy The Best Edible Gummies in Scarborough

SOURZ Strawberry Mango Gummies

A premium, high-quality edible gummy pack from Spinach, SOURZ Strawberry Mango Gummies will offer great value for your money. These marijuana gummies are a delicious mix of strawberry and tropical mango and will, therefore, delight your taste buds. With 5 large, tasty gummies per pack, these edibles will find a permanent spot in your fridge. 

Each crystal-blasted gummy from our Strawberry Mango Gummies pack contains 10 mg of THC. Thanks to this small dose, you can choose to eat an entire gummy or even break it down in half and share it with a friend or loved one.

3. CBD-THC Hybrid Gummies

Whereas it was easier to find pure CBD and pure THC gummies in the past, hybrids of the two cannabinoids are now available in most cannabis dispensaries. If you haven’t tried edibles yet, and are looking to buy weed gummies in Toronto, you should consider trying out hybrid weed gummies. 

Hybrid gummies contain both THC and CBD in ratios that complement each other. For example, it’s possible to find a product with more THC than CBD, more CBD than THC, or even with equal amounts of each. 

Edible Gummies, Where To Buy The Best Edible Gummies in Scarborough

Benefits of Taking CBD and THC Gummies Together

Although both THC and CBD have unique effects and are each beneficial in their own right, new research has shown that taking them together may result in a whole new rush. You see, when cannabinoids are taken together, their effects tend to mesh together, forming a synergistic experience that’s best described as the entourage effect.

CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids augment each other in a way that dulls down the negative effects and highlights the positive. For example, seeing as large amounts of THC have been found to trigger or increase anxiety, CBD helps calm anxiety. This allows you to feel the positive effects without the drawbacks. 

We have a selection of hybrid pot gummies for sale in Toronto. Let’s look at some of the best-rated products:

Edible Gummies, Where To Buy The Best Edible Gummies in Scarborough

Japanese Citrus Yuzu 2:1 Sour Soft Chews

Japanese Citrus Yuzu Sour Soft Chews are high-quality THC gummies for sale that are manufactured and distributed by Wana. This company is dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction; it’s, therefore, no surprise that their sour soft hybrid gummies feature on our list. 

These soft chews come with both CBD and THC in the ratio of 2:1, which is 20 mg CBD for every 10 mg of THC. They have a tart, slightly acidic taste that aptly masks the smell and taste of cannabis, making them perfect for carrying while you’re on the go. If you’re looking for strong CBD effects with a light dose of THC, our Japanese Citrus Yuzu Sour Soft Chews are for you.  

Edible Gummies, Where To Buy The Best Edible Gummies in Scarborough

Strawberry Lemonade 1:1 Sour Soft Chews

Wana’s Strawberry Lemonade Sour Soft Chews contain CBD and THC in the ratio of 1:1. For each 10 mg of CBD, the soft chews have 10 mg of THC as well. These marijuana gummies have a bright citrus taste and lush strawberry undertones. They are quite large and contain terpene distillates that give them an even more natural taste and smell.

Edible Gummies, Where To Buy The Best Edible Gummies in Scarborough

How Many THC Gummies To Eat?

If you’re looking to buy pot gummies in Scarborough, you’re probably also wondering just how many THC edibles to eat at once. People respond differently to THC; it’s, therefore, important to pick a dosage that works for you. We recommend starting with a small dose, say half a gummy, and then going up from there. 

The common standard dose for THC and CBD is about 5-10 mg per day. If you’re dealing with chronic pain or are seeking relief from other serious symptoms, you could take about 20 mg per day. As we’ve mentioned, however, it would be a good idea to start with a low dose and gauge how your body responds as you add on to it. 

Edible Gummies, Where To Buy The Best Edible Gummies in Scarborough

Wondering Where To Buy Edible Gummies In Scarborough/Toronto?

If you live in Scarborough and are looking for a marijuana dispensary to order edibles from, Stok’d is delighted to serve you. We have a wide variety of cannabis products, including premium flower, oils, and CBD candy for sale. 

Our store on Cliffside on Kingston Road is always fully stocked with your favorite marijuana strains, gummies, and edibles. Located just west of Midland Ave, Stok’d Cliffside Cannabis Store serves the south Scarborough communities of Birchcliffe, Cliffside, Cliffcrest, Scarborough Village, and Guildwood. 

We also have another store, Stok’d Clairlea, the store that premiered our iconic Canadiana design. This dispensary is located in the Clairlea Plaza on the busy corner of Pharmacy Ave. and St. Clair Ave. Stok’d Clairlea shares location with Tim Hortons, Pizza Hut, Beckers, and Dairy Queen. Could it get more ‘Scarborough’ than this? 

When looking for a dispensary to buy from, it’s important to go for a business that puts customer experience and satisfaction first. 

We have several in-store budtenders that will help you choose the products that best suit your needs. 

Home to the best weed gummies in Scarborough, Stok’d Cannabis has something for everyone, and we’re stok’d to be of service. See what we did there?