5 ‘Secret’ Smoke Spots in South Scarborough

Smoking weed is a calming and relaxing experience. Whether you enjoy a heavy Indica or a strong Sativa, a lot of care and thought should be put into the set and setting you’re in when smoking.

For clarity, set refers to your state of mind before you smoke weed, setting refers to the location you choose to get high in. 

Many people prefer smoking weed at home, where they feel safest and most comfortable. This helps reduce the feelings of anxiety that may come with smoking in an unfamiliar location, with unfamiliar people. 

While this is a valid concern, smoking weed outdoors is an experience every marijuana enthusiast should strive to partake in.

When you’re outside, all your senses are active and engaged: you can see the clouds shift and take on new forms, hear the rustle of leaves and the chirping birds, smell the flowers, and feel the breeze on your skin. 

When you smoke weed at an outdoor location you feel comfortable in, you’re able to focus your attention outwards and connect to something bigger than yourself.

Although it’s always fun to be immersed in nature, experiencing the great outdoors while high is something else altogether.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of 5 of the best sesh spots to visit if you’re looking to smoke weed in South Scarborough.

smoke weed in scarborough, The Best Sesh Spots in South Scarborough
Young man smokes tobacco pipe in park in autumn time

1. Bluffer’s Park

Bluffer’s Park is a cozy, peaceful, and calm location in Scarborough. The park is one of the nine parks along the Scarborough Bluffs and is the only one that boasts of having a beach. This makes it the quintessential location for weekend picnics and evening walks along the lake. 

Bluffer’s Park is accessed via Brimley Road, a long and scenic stretch off Kingston Road. If you have a car, it would be a good idea to arrive early, otherwise, you may have trouble finding a parking spot. 

The park boasts of various amenities, including numerous food and ice cream vendors. You, therefore, wouldn’t need to pack your own food while going for a sesh along the beach. (You know how bad the munchies could get!)

Bluffer’s Park offers a beautiful, tranquil, and serene view and is perfect for unwinding with a joint and a cannabis beverage or two. Invite some friends, carry a small speaker and a picnic blanket- enjoy the warmth of the sun and each other’s company.

If you’ve just tugged on some Sativa and are feeling active, you can kick up a slow game of beach volleyball or Frisbee before calling it a day. 

smoke weed in scarborough, The Best Sesh Spots in South Scarborough

2. The Guild

Guild Park and Gardens (known affectionately as The Guild) is a peaceful public park that was officially refurbished and reopened in 2017 as a venue for weddings and other similar events.

For many years before it fell into disrepair, The Guild was home to birthdays, anniversaries and many other fond memories. Thanks to the agreement between the City of Toronto and the estate’s stakeholders, the park is now open to the public, boasting of serene and well-manicured lawns.

The Guild is part of the Scarborough Bluffs, the 9-park estate that remains the pride of North Yorkshire. The park contains relics and historical artifacts saved from the demolitions in downtown Toronto. It also features an open-air theatre that showcases different productions. Think about it- could there be anything more fun to do while high on weed than wandering around, watching plays? 

Guild Park and Gardens provides an idyllic location to lose yourself in when you’re worn out by the loud chatter and quick pace of city life. 

smoke weed in scarborough, The Best Sesh Spots in South Scarborough

3. Taylor Creek Park

Taylor Creek Park is a serene retreat and nature trail that offers a blissful haven for people that love to immerse themselves in nature. The trails boast 182 acres of dense forestland, a ravine, and a cold flowing river. 

Taylor Creek Park is incredibly accessible; the east entrance is only 10 minutes away from the Victoria Park Subway Station. The park is an 18 kilometer stretch of trails, making it perfect for both hikers and bikers. One of its two paths is paved and rather wide, thus ideal for joggers, dog walkers, and bikers. The other, a narrower dirt path, is best left for avid hikers. 

Taylor Creek Park is an ideal location for people looking to “jaywalk”, simply get high and engage in conversation with friends, or even some meditation. The sight of all the greenery, coupled with the wild soundscape, will give you an overwhelming sense of clarity and peace- just the recharge you need after a long and tedious week. 

smoke weed in scarborough, The Best Sesh Spots in South Scarborough

4. Rouge Park

Located in Scarborough, along Kingston Road, is Rouge Park, a picturesque and homely location that will make the perfect sesh spot. The park boasts of various hiking trails and has a hilly terrain that will be fun to comb through, especially when high. The trail also offers an ideal spot for hiking, camping, and even biking. 

Rouge Trail is a memorable place to visit with your friends, complete with a sandy beach and tranquil views. Cold beers, campfires, and candid conversations over a joint or two- this is what memories are made of. 

Rouge National Urban Park is home to a beach, large marshes, farms, and rich human history that will leave you feeling connected to the powerful pull of nature. Whether you’re going with your loved ones or driving down for a solo camp trip, expect to have a good time, especially if you bring good music and a nice selection of weed. 

smoke weed in scarborough, The Best Sesh Spots in South Scarborough

5. Rosetta McClain Gardens

The Rosetta McClain Gardens is an accessible park boasting rose gardens, a rock fountain, raised planters, and paved walkways. These gardens are home to various bird and butterfly species, thanks to the wide assortment of flowers available. 

This park is located at the top of the Scarborough Bluffs. It overlooks Lake Ontario from this point, offering spectacular views that make it the ideal photo location. 

Although this park doesn’t offer access to the water, it has features and attractions that make the space a haven of its own kind – a haven well worth a sesh either on your own or with friends. 

smoke weed in scarborough, The Best Sesh Spots in South Scarborough

Scarborough’s Best Weekend Seshes

Weed provides an excellent experience when used indoors. You know, smoking some nice Blue Dream as you lie on your couch, watching an old Samuel L. Jackson film. That said, marijuana is best experienced outdoors: with friends, gazing at the clouds, basking in the sun, barefoot on the grass. Outside. 

Smoking weed outdoors provides a reprieve from the usual smoking sessions that leave you locked to your couch, tearing through bags of Doritos. It allows you to play quick games, go for long walks and be out in the sun- a factor that’s been proven to help keep depression at bay

If you live in South Scarborough, these 5 idyllic locations will offer a serene and calm spot for some quiet introspection and meditation.

It’s, however, worth noting that the calibre of smoking experience you have will always depend on the quality of bud you carry along.

Most of the areas we described in this article neighbour our retail stores, meaning you can always pass for some weed on your way to any of these spots.  

Visit our dispensaries on Kingston Road or Pharmacy Ave for premium, legal, high-quality marijuana at affordable prices. 

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