Carly, Budtender @ Stok’d

I’m a huge fan of glass jars, and this is probably one of the heaviest ones I’ve come across so far! Thank you, Joi Botanicals for protecting your beautiful buds. Today I’m reviewing Purple Punch Mints #11

The stunning light green buds had colourful hints of purple and orange. The smell was similar to Cereal Milk, specifically the leftover milk from a bowl of Froot Loops!

The taste was initially bitter, but I started getting some intermittent grape/punch flavour with a creamy aftertaste.

Purple Punch Mints #11

Within minutes I was relaxed and happy. It really put me in a good state, calm and zen-like. I don’t practice yoga, but I imagine this would be ideal for such an activity!

THC: 25%
CBD: 1.3%
Terpenes: 2.24

Where Can I Find Purple Punch Mints #11 near me? 

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