We are introducing great new cannabis options to our collection. Come by the store for an introduction to Okanagan Moon Rock’s, Bubba Kush Blunts, First Class Funk, Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies, and THC Coffee Pods with one of our friendly and experienced budtenders. You can also visit us online to order for pick-up or same-day delivery in Toronto’s East End and Scarborough.

Okanagan Moon Rock – Indica – 60-70%

We have stocked up and hope you can handle Okanagan Moon Rocks. AAA hand-trimmed balls of explosive highs. Produced in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, it is true that MoonRocks have been around for a while in the legacy market exclusively, until recently. Made by taking Indica buds and rolling them in full-spectrum oil, then coating them in high-quality kief. This smoke will absolutely blow your socks off (and we don’t recommend it for beginners). Moonrocks are now available online here or visit us in-store at Stok’d Cannabis to buy this highly sought-after designer weed.

Bubba Kush Blunt by RAD Reserve – Indica – 20-26% 

This product speaks for itself – if you are a traditional blunt smoker then you will really love the convenience of what RAD Reserve has done with these five packs of pre-rolled blunts. With only the best Bubba Kush dried flower inside, this pack is a favorite for many reasons – the first is in the quality of the smoke and the freshness of the wrap… next, is the convenient doobie case it comes in – so that your blunts won’t be crushed in your pocket while you’re doing the two-step down your driveway on the way to your local sesh spot.

First Class Funk by Ghost Drops – Hybrid – 25-30%

I am extremely excited about this cultivar… First Class Funk has established many amazing reviews and has a reputation for being in the top-shelf category, they say it has only been grown by a small circle of some of the best growers in Canada. This provides a consistent quality of the earthy gelato & fuel flavors with a strong funk that overtakes your senses immediately upon your first puff.

The effects are potent and fast-acting and a nice balance of head and body. 

Ghost Drops

Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies – Blend – 2x5mg (10mg/Pkg)

We carry a variety of edible options, and these infused cookies are absolutely delicious. They’re perfect with an ice-cold glass of milk or dipped in infused hot chocolate. Inside the package, you’ll find two vibrant red, raspberry, and cheesecake flavored cookies. Each of these delightful little morsels contains a balanced dose of 5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD. Made with real butter, natural cane sugar, and 100% pure raspberry powder for a delicious, gourmet chef-inspired cannabis experience. Packaged in a tray to maintain quality and integrity, as well as “flow-wrapped” for that fresh taste every time.

Cannabis Coffee? THC Coffee Pods by SteepRock – Functional Coffee – 2x5mg (10mg/Pkg)

With over 30+ years of roasting experience, combined with ethically sourced coffee beans, Loosh Brands has launched the first THC and CBD blends infused into K-Cups and Nespresso Pods that are great for brewing at home! Quoting Loosh “Roasting with a purpose, Steeprock is a coffee company at the core with a focus on creativity, ingenuity, innovation and the highest in craftsmanship”. Thus we now have Cannabis Coffee at our Scarborough pot shops. Mic drop.

We have NEW Cannabis products every week!

Check back frequently, because your next favorite strain or consumable might be one of our recent additions to the Stok’d Cannabis menu. Visit us in-store at our Clairlea Shop on Pharmacy Rd. or Cliffside Shop on Kingston Rd.