Cooking with Cannabis: An easy guide to cannabutter

Are you a cannabis enthusiast who can’t wait for their next delivery? Do you want to try one of the most natural ways to get high? You may have heard of “weed butter” or “cannabutter” before. Here is an easy way to make weed butter at home by using some basic ingredients.

While people have been cooking with cannabis for centuries, the recent development of cannabis-infused edibles has arguably led to more new recipes being created. One of the most popular recipes is also very easy to do. Here are some tips on how to make weed butter at home!

The ratio you use will depend on how strong you want your final product.

Not all recipes for cannabutter or weed butter are created equal. The best recipe is usually determined by the ingredients you use, so you should experiment to find what suits your needs. Some people choose to substitute other fats for butter, but this will alter the taste and consistency of your product.

Thanks to Choom for sharing this sweet infographic on how to make it! Enjoy.

weed butter, A Guide: How to Make Weed Butter

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