Shungite / Fruity Cookies Cannabis Strain

This strain of cannabis was grown by Queen of Bud

“Having never heard of this LP before, but liking the name, I picked an 1/8th. I received one giant, beautiful bud, and a smaller one to bring it up to weight.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so sparkly… when I put it under the microscope, I struggled hard to find an area that wasn’t covered in trichomes!

It smelled funky with a hint of cheese to it when I opened up my 3.5g container. As soon as it was ground up, I started smelling a savoury mushroom/garlic flavour.

The taste however was floral with a bit of gas, and it was noticeably smooth.

It’s an extremely fast and hard-hitting strain. Within’ almost minutes I was calm, relaxed and happy.

After 12 minutes, I was barely done half the joint, and the effects were still piling on. At one point my eyes didn’t feel like they were the correct size for their sockets, which was a strange feeling indeed!

This is an industrial-strength choice for anyone who wants their stress and problems to melt away for a very long time.”

THC: 28% Terpenes: 3.05%

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