When you buy weed from a Scarborough cannabis dispensary it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the selection. Many choices and variations of strains grown by different producers can make your final decision a hard one. When you buy weed from Stok’d you can chat with a knowledgeable budtender that enjoys sharing their experience with you to help you make a more informed decision. That’s why we’re sharing this strain review with you from a Stok’d budtender to be better informed when buying your cannabis online, or in the store.

Carly, Stok’d Budtender, Reviews Island Cherry 🏝🍒

What an absolute gem from Sev7n!

The aromas of cherries and berries explode out of the bag as soon as it’s opened.

There were two medium-sized buds, two smaller ones, and a wee one. They were nicely trimmed and there were plenty of trichomes visible under the microscope.

A pleasant sweetness was detectable throughout most of the joint, which was smoother than I was expecting for the price.

At the ten-minute mark, a nice high had settled in. I was mildly couch-locked, but with plenty of mental energy.

There was a talkative and somewhat euphoric aspect to it, making it a choice to consider if you’re gathering with friends and want the conversation to flow. Personally, I’d love to enjoy this just before going night-skiing!

The high was long-lasting, with a very gentle landing. After 2 hours the feelings of happiness were still noticeable.

Currently the best bang for your buck in Ontario!

THC: 24.8%

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